Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just in Time for Christmas

It's been an unusually dry December for us. Most years, by this time, we've had at least one good winter storm to lay a foundation of snow - but not this year. (Early November's freakish four inches melted off quickly.)

The weather forecast held very little promise of precipitation - a dusting of frosty flakes, but no more. However, as if to celebrate the coming of winter and lend a proper Christmassy air to our revels, last night's skies dropped a soft white blanket over our little world and we woke to a fluffy covering of snow.

The trees behind the house were outlined in white, their branches forming intricate lacy patterns against the pale winter sky.

The pine branches bore their burden with grace...

...while the trunks looked as if Nature had been throwing snowballs at them.

Dried plants were bowed down under the weight of snow...

...which performed marvellous feats of balance on slender twig and vine.

It's beginning to look more like Christmas!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Beautiful pictures! My brother reminded me the other day of the year we were all at my parents' house for Christmas and it started snowing at about 11pm on Christmas Eve - as he said it was like something that happens in a film and didn't feel real at all!

  2. How pretty, that's just how i like snow, in pictures! It was 82 here yesterday, much too warm, we could use a bit of cool weather. Last year at this time we actually had a sprinkling of snow. So enjoy!

  3. Lovely! Our snow has all gone and we've just rain forecast here for Christmas.

    I hope you have a very Happy Christmas!


  4. It all looks so pretty, just in time for you to enjoy a white Christmas.

    I wish you Peace, Joy and Health.

  5. It sure looks a lot like Christmas to me! Lovely.
    All the season's good wishes to you and yours Sue x

  6. The Goatmother is so jealous! :) Not me. I don't like that cold stuff on my feet. Merry Christmas and thank you for allowing us to live vicariously through your camera lens. :)

  7. Merry Christmas, Sue! Your snow looks beautiful, especially accompanied by your lovely prose. Hope you and your sis had a great time listening to L&C this morning.


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