Friday, December 16, 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Linking up with Planet Penny for her final "Reasons to be Cheerful" post of the year (the merriness shall resume in January), I find that all of this week's reasons start with a C. Which is highly appropriate, since Christmas is filling the thoughts of many at this time.

1. Carnations from my husband. Mr. M is not usually a flowery guy, but every so often he gets the urge to buy a bouquet. Knowing I love carnations, he gave me these last week. Simply beautiful.

2. Candles on the windowsill. Following this excellent tip from KatEzat which I found on the December Making Winter Bloghop, I invested in a package of tea lights and popped a few into empty jam jars. Look how they Cheerful'd up our evening windowsill. It's amazing how much joy a tiny flickering light can give.

3. Christmas Decorations about the house. I love getting these out every year and filling the house with Cheer.

(I think I need a few more Christmassy quilts.)

Cheerful and peaceful end-of-year to all. For more merriness, hop over to Planet Penny's.

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  1. Isn't the fragrance, too, of carnations just delicious? I bought a dianthus plant in early September and hope it does well in our garden. The blooms are supposed to be long-stemmed enough for cutting (not as long-stemmed as yours, though).
    Love your Christmas decorations, too - and you were so right about the winter curtains being just right for the season.

  2. Oh, quilts! Did you make them? I so love quilts and envy anyone who makes them! I also love the tea lights in the jar. I wonder if I could get the Goatmother to do that in the barn using those little battery tea lights so she didn't burn the barn down? And lastly, how cute is that little girl on the spool? I think I might be cheerful next week even without Penny. :)

  3. I'm loving all the Christmasiness in blog land. Or decorations are going up tomorrow and now I can't wait. Love your Christmas quilts and Marigold is right about the cuteness of the little girl! Penny x

  4. This Mr. M fellow is good to his Mrs. M :-) I like that. My mother would occasionaly be surprised by my dad with them; she loved them as well. Her wedding bouquet in the 50's is all white carnations: lovely.

    I love the sheet music stars. I'm hearing fa la la la la, la la la la?

  5. Love carnations, my favorite flower! What beautiful quilts, did you make them? Your house looks very Christmasy, really like the idea of the tea lights in the jam jars, but do you have cats?

  6. Those quilted decorations cheer me up, too! Planning them in my head, making them, displaying them... from start to finish, perfect cheer! Even when I have to rip something out because my points aren't perfect or I got a piece upside down or backwards. Still love the process. Love to look at it afterward and know what it took to make the finished piece.

    Candlelight always seems to be magic to me, too. Love to watch the flickering lights dance on the walls with the electric lights turned off. Especially on a snowy or rainy night!

    Oh, and you were the one who inspired my Christmas story rewrite!

  7. Lovely things, I love you Christmas quilts, they are really lovely....I think I would like to try some patchwork, although I'm guessing my slap-dash trait wouldn't be my best asset.

    The tea lights are simple but lovely, we haven't got any candles about, but maybe I'll busy th boys on some decorations as I have plenty of jars.

    Your carnations are lovely, I too like th scent.

    Merry Christmas....

  8. All very cheering, especially the quilts :D And even your carnations are a Christmassy colour!


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