Thursday, December 1, 2011

November's End ~ A Haiku Trio

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ice on the lake holds
   autumn-leafed breezes captive
in its chill embrace

Resting geese, alarmed
at my coming, rise in a
thunder of protest

They cry the lost year
and vanish from sight, taking
November with them

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. How lovely. I like the first picture of the geese exploding from the lake. Your houses are pretty.

  2. Beautiful!!!

    The leaves in the!!

    Your words and pictures are just beautiful!!! Have you ever thought of a calendar with your pictures and poetry??

  3. Sue, this is just fabulous - the pictures and the words wonderfully poetic.

  4. Those are all wonderful, but I'm especially drawn to the trapped leaves. I'd never thought of describing them that way! I've scattered a few geese in my life, too. Not intentionally!

  5. Thanks all!

    Deb - I didn't scatter them intentionally either - they were at least 100 yards away, and I was walking parallel to them, not towards them. I suppose they were just being cautious. But it made for a great picture, and the sound of their wings was tremendous.

  6. How beautiful - the ice over the leaves.


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