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Making Winter: Tiny Mitten Ornaments ~ A Knit Pattern with Optional Crochet Trim

In this post, we're joining up with Silverpebble and Mrs. Thrifty Household for
Making Winter, a fun and creative blog hop of activities and crafts
designed to help beat the cold doldrums.

Here's a pattern for dainty little lace-trimmed mittens that will help use up those extra bits of yarn. These mittens would make lovely tree ornaments, gift attachments,or even bookmarks. They knit up very quickly (even for a haphazard knitter such as myself), and offer plenty of potential for trim variations.

If crochet lace is not to your taste, try a row of fun fur or eyelash yarn around the top. Or you could start your mitten with a few rounds of seed stitch or 1X1 ribbing and eliminate the crochet altogether.

Crochet terminology is American. A chart for the crochet trim will be added later.

Mitten Size: about 2" long

For mittens, small amount of DK weight (#3) yarn, or yarn of your choice
For lace trim (if desired) No. 10 crochet thread
Embroidery thread for flowers and leaves (if desired)
Decorative thread for hanging cord (I used silver metallic No. 10 crochet thread - purchased cord would also work)
Sewing thread, or fabric glue

For mittens, Size 6 or 7 double-pointed knitting needles, or needles appropriate to your yarn
For lace trim, Size 7 steel crochet hook
Sewing needle


Cast on 12 stitches over 2 or 3 double-pointed needles. (I crocheted a chain of 12 stitches and picked up my stitches from the back bumps of the chain.) Be careful not to twist stitches.

Rows 1-12: Knit*. Cut yarn, leaving an 18" tail. Draw yarn through last row of stitches to gather top of mitten. Take yarn tail through one more stitch to make it more secure.

*Tip: If you cast on to 2 needles only, with 6 stitches each, knit through the back loop on the first and last stitch of each needle. This will tighten up those stitches and help prevent ladders between the needles. The stitch pattern for this would be Ktbl, K4, Ktbl; repeat on second needle.

Thumb: After gathering mitten tip, gently pull yarn end down through the mitten, and out the side between side stitches of Row 4. (A crochet hook works well for this step.)

Working upwards from the 4th row, pick up 3 stitches on one side of mitten, through 1 loop of each stitch, then take yarn across and pick up 3 stitches on the opposite side, working downwards. (Stitches are divided over 2 needles).

Thumb Rows 1-2: Ktbl.

Draw yarn through last row of stitches and gently tighten to gather thumb. Take yarn end through one more stitch to secure, then down to the inside of the mitten.

Using starting tail of yarn, join ends of cast-on row. Bring yarn to the inside and tie starting tail to ending tail inside mitten. Don't pull too tightly; we're just trying to secure the yarn ends and hide them.

Here's our tiny mitten ready for some trim

Trim mitten as desired.

Optional Lacy Crochet Trim:

With right side of mitten facing you, using the #7 steel hook, attach crochet thread with single crochet to top edge of mitten on the thumb side.

Row 1: *Ch 3, sc in next stitch. Repeat from * around. Attach last sc to first sc with double crochet. (Dc equals final ch-3.) There should be 12 ch-3 spaces.

First row of crochet trim done

Row 2: Do not turn. Ch 1. (First picot will be made in this space.) *Sc in next empty ch-3 sp, ch 5, sc in same ch-3 sp. In next empty ch-3 sp: sc, ch 3, sc, ch 5, sc, ch 3, sc. Repeat from * around. Connect final sc to first sc with sl st. Cut thread, tie off, and hide ends inside mitten.

Second row of crochet trim done

Block lightly.

Tiny Crochet Rose:

Use embroidery thread and the #7 steel hook. Leave a 4" tail.

Ch 11. Turn and sc 2 in each ch, starting with 10th ch. Cut thread, leaving 4" tail, and tie off. Coil rose and use thread tails to sew base of rose together and for attaching to mitten.

Tiny Crochet Leaves:

Use embroidery thread and the #7 steel hook. Leave a 4" tail.

Loosely ch 5. Turn and *sc in 4th ch, hdc in 3rd and 2nd ch, sc in 1st ch. Loosely ch 5 more, turn, and repeat from *. Cut thread, leaving 4" tail, tie off, and tie ends together. Block leaves if desired.

Hanging Cord:

With silver or gold crochet thread (or desired colour), ch 60 or to desired length. Cut thread and tie off. Block lightly if desired to get any kinks out of the chain.


Sew leaves and roses to front of each mitten.

Make overhand knot in one end of hanging cord. Insert free (un-knotted) end through top knitted row of one mitten, from the inside to the outside (on the non-thumb side). Insert free end through top knitted row of other mitten, from outside to inside (again on the non-thumb side). Tie overhand knot in that end of hanging cord. Pull gently to snug up the knots on the inside of each mitten.

With needle and thread (or you could use fabric glue), tack lacy trim together at the center of each mitten just above top knitted row. This will keep all those loose yarn ends inside the mitten.

Here's another mitten I made using slightly larger yarn with fun fur trim. (I had to give the fun fur a bit of a haircut as it threatened to overwhelm the tiny mitten.)

Don't forget to head over to Mrs. Thrifty Household for more Making Winter fun. Here's to a happy winter!

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  1. They're very pretty and dainty. I like the rose and leaf detail, think I might manage to make that bit. I'll learn to knit sometime...

  2. I love your mini-mits, I'd like them even more if they were 'me' sized!? (& I love the mitten strings too- I had them threaded through my coat sleeves so that I didn't lose them)

    Thanks for linking up to the Making Winter Bloghop.

  3. Oh my goodness - how adorable! Thanks so much for sharing this, although they may be beyond my knitting skills. It's fabulous to have you joining on x

  4. They are soooooooooo cute. Love them.

  5. Ooh, such fun. Knitted mini mitts will look perfect on my tree, when it eventually goes up that is!

  6. These are so cute! How clever are you?

  7. These are simply wonderful! I love them! Damn it, the word 'cute' keeps springing into my mind.

    I shall tapdance my way from the computer screen and find some yarn henceforth!

    Enjoy Advent and I am thinking of you. I will let you know as soon as your fabulous book wings its way to my dusty doorstep.

  8. These are so cute, they make me smile. The thumbs are so adorable! But I think it's the lace and flowery trim that really sets them apart. These are adorable!

  9. Now, for sure, I will have to take up knitting. These are adorable.

  10. adorable. :) i'm not much of a knitter, but with your clear instructions, i think i can do this. thanks. :) sweet pattern.

  11. Sue, dearest Sue!

    My husband has just come in on this blustery winter's day bringing the post! Words fail me. I am deeply touched by the treasures you have sent me. The mittens are so delicate, oh so very pretty. Their colours are perfect for me. EVERYTHING is perfect. The earrings are totally in phase with my wintery dreams these days.

    The most wonderful thing about this parcel is that it has brought you closer to me. There is a touch of magic when this virtual blogging world becomes tangible and you have managed to make the tangible so very, very special.

    Happy Advent to you, Sue and know that you have made a lady in France so very happy.


    ps I wonder how long that chocolate will remain unopened?

    pps When I have come back to earth I will let you know which patterns I am tempted by in the book.

  12. Oh, for Heaven's sake, these are absolutely adorable. I would love to make some, but double pointed needles and I have not yet reached a compromise. One of these days...

  13. Thank you so much for the comment you left on my starry blogpost; you're so right, they would look great made out of red twigs.
    Love the cute mittenornaments for the tree. Very clear description. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I just love these little mittens! They're adoreable!

  15. These are adorable and would make lovely toppers for Christmas cards.

  16. Son geniales, tienen que quedar preciosos en el arbol de navidad, creo que los hare muy pronto, muchas gracias por explicarlo y compartirlos. Cuando suba las fotos nombrare tu enlace. Un saludo

  17. Hi Mrs. M! What is your book called? I believe I need a copy for Christmas! Thanks much, Lisa

    1. It's not out yet! Maybe you can get it for Christmas 2020.... :D


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