Sunday, March 4, 2012

Winter Makes a Comeback

Snow has been falling, more or less continuously, since Friday. It's drifting down today from a heavy grey sky as I set out for my Sunday afternoon walk. The air feels damp and the wind icy, but exercise must be taken (and so must photographs). Somehow it's easier to leave the warm house when I know I'll be getting pictures for the blog....

The marsh around the corner, which last week was beginning to show patches of open water, is covered in white. Snow lies in drifts and clumps among the cattails at its edge.

As I snap the first photo, the "battery low" symbol begins to flash (darn it). No indiscriminate shooting for me today - I'll have to conserve the camera's energy as best I can.

The old outbuilding at the start of the trail looks inviting in weathered red and white:

You can see the show falling against the dark background of the Favourite Tree...

...a light, dry snow. No sooner does it land on my jacket than it skips off again, blown by the east wind. Very hard to catch on camera, but I manage to snap a flake and a half before they're gone.

The first of many umbellifers which I pass today.

Dried flowers in graceful festoons.

The trees in the little thicket are charmingly spangled with snow-clumps.

A snowy curve in the trail.

Dried grass cuddling up to a fencepost and looking a bit like shocked corn.

Queen Anne's Lace, snow trapped in its umbels, hugging itself to stay warm.

Detail of the snow.

I pause to take a picture of bittersweet blossom, and notice for the first time its amazing snake-like vine. Rather ruthless-looking at this end...

...but beautiful and delicate in wintry orange at the other.

At this point, my camera battery dies and refuses to be resurrected. Not a bad shot to end with, I think.

I hear sandhill cranes off to the east, but can't see them. Are they sorry they came back so soon? Perhaps they have some kind of insider knowledge as to the starting date of warm weather, and are reminding each other things are bound to get better.

I'll enjoy this snow while it lasts - which probably won't be for long. Tuesday's forecast is for 50┬║ (!!!!!). A real rollercoaster of a winter.

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  1. Such beauty!! I've only recently learned that you can actually see the snowflake like that!! I always thought they were teeny tiny!! Shows how much I know!! Your snowflake and a half are very pretty and delicate!!

    It looks like winter and spring are in a bit of a tug-of-war there!! :) We all know the victor, but it's so lovely to see the show!! :)

  2. Temperatures have been all over the place here this winter too. But although I said recently that I'd like a last blast of winter now we have spring's first beginnings I think I'm happy to wait for my snow until next year.

    Gorgeous images Sue :D

  3. Go home and have a warm cup of something, you've made me quite cold.

  4. But isn't that what March is, a roller-coaster-ride?!? Around my neck of the woods, it often is. And this March is being no different.

    But... Poor Ol' Month Of March. 'Tis the month in which I was born. It doesn't have a *chance* at normalcy. -giggles-

    Amazing photography again, btw. And don't you just *hate* that din-dang little low battery thing. -Grrrrrrrr- ,-)

    "Seeing what is in front of one's nose requires a constant struggle."
    ~~George Orwell

  5. Oh, no, I hope I haven't missed the cranes! Our annual crane festival (about four hours south) was last weekend, and we are planning a trip this coming weekend, thinking some of the cold feet bird would still be hanging out.

    I love that snowflake on your jacket! You have some awesome macro with that camera!

    This is the time of year when we get the most white stuff, but thankfully, the sunny days melt the accumulation faster. I hope you get a few days of melt now!

  6. Well, it looks lovely but I hope that it will be the last for some time, it really does need to be spring soon. Having said that, we had snow on Saturday too but it didn't stay, thank goodness.

  7. Brrrr, it does look very cold and wintry with you, but still beautiful. I find taking my camera helps me get out the house for a walk or cycle too.
    We've just had a couple of days of spring here and it has been wonderful, not only does the garden and countryside look great but everybody seems so happy!

  8. There is nothing like walking in falling snow. It is so quiet... hushed, and you have that feeling of being completely alone yet comforted and cushioned as though in a cocoon. Love the bittersweet vine. The Goatmother has planted a couple here. Who knows if they will ever thrive enough to form berries as they did in Oklahoma.

  9. Love the photo of the out building. I'm always stuck by the beauty of old weathered buildings like this.

  10. Grandiose almost your snow pictures, Sue. I never fail to be moved by the beauty of a solitary snowflake.

    You must have been jolly pleased to get back into the warmth of your home.


  11. Yes, I find taking photos is a real spur to getting out, and it helps me to notice what's around me even more. I don't tend to notice the battery warning until my camera refuse to take any more photos so you are a few steps ahead of me in knowing it was about to give up! Juliex


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