Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blackbirds and Turtles and Leaves

(Oh my!)

The title pretty well sums up my pictures from today's walk. (Walk? Why not ride on such a fine spring day? The lingering remnants of a migraine made me reluctant to hit the bumpy road. Cycling and headaches do not go well together.)

Our crazily hot weather has abated somewhat (we actually hit 80 more than once this last week, and I wore my sandals so much I felt obliged to paint my toenails), but it was still in the balmy 60s as I set out this afternoon.

The marsh-around-the-corner is abounding in blackbirds, and the air is filled with the sweetness of their song. Here's one of them up close...

...and now in context. (Can you spot him?)

I'm not the only one enjoying the warmth. Small painted turtles are sitting on tussocks around the marsh's edge, stretching their little necks up to the sun. (I know just how they feel.)

Last week's leaf buds have become this week's leaves - everywhere there are clouds and tufts of green. I love the leafy contrast with the red of this wild berry vine.

More young leaves, fluted like tiny fans.

The old outbuilding at the start of the trail is nearly hidden behind fresh spring growth...

...but it's in there somewhere.

Many of the trees have put on their dancing clothes, and are decked with ribbony blossoms.

Oh my. The Favourite Tree looks quite different from the last time I was here...

...with clover at its feet, where once was only snow.

Another tree bedecked in its spring finery.

If you look closely, you can see the hind end of a woodpecker in the next photo. (He simply refused to turn around to have his picture taken, and was so high up that I couldn't get any other angle on him.)

I don't think I'll see any snowmobiles on the trail today. (Poor Arctic Cats - they didn't have much of a season this year.)

A shot for Project Sky::365.

More baby leaves against the blue, blue sky. I think spring has gone to my head.

I love the rosy tints on this tiny maple leaf - a hint of the glory to come.

On my way home, I see more sunbathing turtles, some solo...

...some in groups. Turtle clique?

And more blackbirds, including this obliging fellow, who poses quite happily and sings while I snap his photo.

Just a short block further and I'm home. A beautiful day for a spring walk.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. I found your blog quite by accident, but I follow you because I love your photos. Just wanted to say thanks for bringing a little bit of delight into my days!

  2. Alas it's here...proof in the photos and the painted toenails!

  3. Gorgeous pics Sue, as always. It's been a bit warmish here as well, and forecast to stay that way all week, it almost feels as if we'll skip spring and head straight into summer!

  4. Your sky photo is beautiful - lovely strands and puffs. I like the photos of the turtles as they're something we'd never see here. We're having a spell of warmy sunny weather too and it's wonderful.

  5. Love turtles! My husband hand raised a slider and a box turtle having rescued their eggs from the raccoons. The slider was released last week, she (we think) was about 1 1/2 years old and should do well with the turtles in the lagoon.
    What a great picture of the red-winged black bird, we don't have them down here.

  6. Boy, spring sure pops out fast where you live! We're slowly getting ours, at last! I love that last shot of the turtle. I could sit out there and sun with him all day and not give anything else a second thought!

  7. Wow, how exotic to see turtles on a walk, surely that s not a blackbird? Ours are just black here with an orange beak but that's as flamboyant as they get!

    Can't believe how quickly things have changed with has been gloriously sunny here which just makes everything seem cheerier doesn't it! I've been getting in the garden, but I'm afraid it's always a mammoth job and I don't have green fingers.

  8. I am so jealous of all your nice weather! But I'm glad you didn't venture out on your bike or you might have ended up like the poor Snowcatcher! Ouch! I love the sound the red-wing blackbirds make too. It is so much fun going on your walks/rides with you. :)

  9. Hope it stays nice for you, we have dropped from the 80's down to the 40's today. I hear talk of lower temps tomorrow.
    The pictures are all pretty, but I really likethe one of the red winged blackbird. I don't think I have ever seen one up close.

  10. Hi Sue, I just found your blog through MemeRose and I would like to compliment you for figuring out the pattern for that crochet squares. You are a very clever lady.
    Nice to "meet" you. ;)

  11. It is so neat watching as Winter turns to Spring in your neighborhood!!! What beauty!! The green trail moving away in the brown grass is especially poetic!!! I love seeing the birds you have, too!! I love colorful birds and, well, we don't have many...or any...!! :)


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