Thursday, April 19, 2012

Snapshots from the Park...

...taken on this morning's walk.

A new little tree - with blossoms! (And at its feet
a patch of rather pale and ghostly-looking blooms.)

Here are the blossoms up close. Some sort
of ornamental fruit tree, perhaps?

Maple samaras in bright clusters on the pavement.
("Samara" is such a lovely and exotic-sounding word.)

A flowering crab reaches rosy arms to the sky.

I'd like to climb right in amongst those blossoms
and just sit for a while  - but the tree isn't
big enough, and my schedule doesn't allow for it.

Aren't they lovely?

A tiny, unidentified yellow wildflower
just opening up in the grass...

...with another patch of the
ghostly-looking, fuzzy grey
flowers nearby.

Beautiful Spring.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. I so enjoy your blog and the way you take your shots. It is making me look at things with different eyes..thank you! I, too, wish you had time time to sit amongst those blossoms. Who knows what wonderful things you might see from that perspective!! Joan

  2. Gorgeous Sue ... spring has most definitely sprung!!!

  3. Mmmmm... Beautiful...

    Hope all the blossoms, gave off a fragrance. Since I don't think you are one to be made to sneeze, if you whifffff them. Like I am. Bleahhhh...


  4. The worst part of spring is the same as the worst part of autumn; the radiant color doesn't last long enough! Typically this time of year, I love riding home from work through a grove of shedding pink trees, feeling as if I'm in a fragrant and warm pink snowstorm!

  5. Beautiful! Send me some spring, please. :) Have you been hit by the new blogger interface yet? What do you think? I HATE it! Oy.

  6. Sue, I am overjoyed you are experiencing the SPRING feeling too.

    I agree with Marigold above concerning the Blogger interface.


  7. Hmmm, I like those rosy arms reaching for the skies. What color! Enjoy the Spring!

  8. Mrs M you live in a lovely place - wish we had a nice blue sky like that Mich :)

  9. Mrs M forgot to say - you are one of my versatile blogger award picks - pop over to my blog page to read about it Mich x

  10. Love this!

    And, the little yellow flowers - could they be celandine poppy? My neighbor has some in her yard and I love them.


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