Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Trails

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Three great things about this morning's walk:

Hawks on the wing
Thistles in bud
Cloud-kissed mountain

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Just after 6 am, the air is cool and pure, with temps in the 40s. The sidewalk curves away from the hotel, down a street lined with more hotels and small businesses. I don't know where I'm going, but I know I won't get lost - the mountains and the busy highway nearby provide fixed points of reference.

A few blocks out, the road crosses a gravel trail. (One of the chief pleasures of Colorado - at least the parts I've visited: there's always a trail somewhere near.) This one meanders along a creek lined with birch, oak, maple, and cottonwood, among other trees. Wildflowers and grasses of all kinds are thick on either side. Good thing I brought my camera! : )

The sun, still low in the sky, shines charmingly through these birch leaves:

A rather gorgeous hawk, the first of two I see this morning, flies from treetop to treetop ahead of me.

Shadow shot!

I like this sign by the trail: "Keep It Clean ... 'Cause We're All Downstream".

 A wildflower new to me...

...very exotic-looking.

More unknown flowers about to burst into bloom:

Just one of the many thistles-in-waiting along the trail:

This mystery wildflower reminds me a bit of the wild phlox we have back home in Wisconsin:

In all the beautiful clear morning, a single cloud kisses the tip of one Rocky Mountain.

I'd love to keep going for miles, but I promised Mr. M I wouldn't be gone long. Time to turn back and hunt down some breakfast.

A very good Colorado walk.

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  1. Love the unusual flowers and the shot of the sun through the trees! The hawk is something else! I'm glad as well that you took your camera along! Joan

  2. Showy Milkweed (deserves a more exotic name than that, doesn't it?!?!), salsify (which makes a huge dandelion ball of seeds you can blow into the wind after the yellow flower finishes its display), what looks like might be burdock, and four o'clocks... I'm so glad I got to help this time!!! I wish I could have been out there with you for your walk. I never tire of walking in the outdoors. Well, as long as it's not the concrete jungle...

  3. Hello Sue. I'm finally catching up with everyone after being without a computer for a few days.

    That first mystery wild flower is so elegant, not like so many of the wild flowers here which straggle everywhere.

    Happy holidays x

  4. Looks beautiful, we use to live in Colorado Springs and always enjoyed going up in the mountains.

  5. I'm so glad you brought your camera, too! And were so energized to get up early. The mountain picture is twice as good for having your imaginative caption.

  6. The cloud over the mountain looks like a big hand pointing 'this way'. :) Great shots. (Did expect any less?) I am certainly glad you included the required shadow shot, as I would have been sad not to see it. :)

  7. Wonderful, Sue. Relish every moment. This season simply begs us to go wandering in new pastures. That exotic looking flower looks a LITTLE like a wild orchid although it isn't, of course.


    ps It's Mother's Day today and I received a NEW BICYCLE! I've been thinking about you!

  8. What a beautiful countryside. I am so glad that you are sharing these photos with us. Thanks, it is wonderful.


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