Friday, July 20, 2012

A Misty Morning at the Park

What with dreadful weather and a surfeit of busy-ness, I haven't been to the park for several weeks. My walks have been shorter and taken at night (when the air is cooler - and photography is much more difficult.)

But Wednesday night we had a lovely thunderstorm, including at least an hour of rain (calloo, callay!) - and Thursday was gloriously cool, grey, and cloudy. Squirrels and frogs have reappeared (where have they been hiding all this time?) This morning, though humid, was a very bearable 60º, with a sky veiled in mist, and the sun shining gauzily through. High time to get over to the park and see what's been blooming in my absence.

These yellow flowers are growing on the edge of the causeway. Some kind of hawkweed perhaps?

They're turning from this...

...into this. Lovely puffballs.

Next to them is a clump of milkweed, softly rose against the grey water behind.

And beyond the milkweed, knapweed. The bracts always make me think of tiny pineapples.

The lake extends into the park and forms a lily pond. This has been undergoing a restoration for some years now, which includes the planting of native flowers. Here is one of them, showing a sunny morning face to the world:

Ironweed blooms in great profusion by the edge of the pond. (Or perhaps I should say "profuschian". It's the deepest, most intense pink.)

Coneflowers lift their fascinating spiny heads.

More bits of sunshine at my feet.

This flower doesn't have to worry about shaving its legs (or leg). Ah, to be a lily of the field.

The mist is slowly withdrawing across the silvery waters of the lake.

On the far side of the lily pond blooms prairie blazing star.

What's this? Surely it's too early for goldenrod! (This year's crazy weather has a lot to answer for.)

The sun is burning off the last traces of haze. Time to go home and cook breakfast.

I've missed my morning walks at the park. It's good to be back - may the temperate weather continue!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! And,by the way, I know a cure for that shaving the legs thing. :) At least a temporary one. I sure hope THOSE hairs don't come back curly and thick. :)

    1. For the Goatmother's sake, I hope so too. Never thought about those hairs falling out, but I guess it makes sense....

  2. So and flowers, water and the silveryness (silvereyness?) of everything.

  3. Such beautiful flowers :D The wet weather here seems to have had the opposite effect, everything is very green but not so much is in flower. So pleased for you that you've enjoyed some rain and things have cooled down a bit.

    Love the pot holder make over in the previous post :D

    1. The rain was like a benison and that cool cloudy day was absolutely wonderful! :)

  4. How wonderful to be able to get out to the park again. I could definitely do 60 and humid. Our morning temps hover around 100 degrees, but if I can get out there early enough, I just might try walking -- although, I can't take water with me since it is Ramadan, and in this country, there's no eating or drinking in public from sunup til sundown. :/ Have a great weekend. Tammy

  5. Glorious, Sue! I've learned a few more flower names thanks to you. That soft pink milkweed is so beautifully framed by the grey backdrop.

    Have a happy Sunday.


  6. Thank you for helping me feel as if I got a chance to go outside and search for wildflowers!

    1. Are you snowed under right now? (No pun intended.) And you're welcome.


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