Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Glimpsed at the Garden Center

My poor lettuce patch being decimated by the heat (despite my frequent watering and loving exhortations), I decided a trip to the garden center was in order. Where delicate lettuce wilts, sturdy basil thrives - and the garden center still had plenty available. (Pesto! Better than salad any day.)

I wandered around and lusted after admired many more plants than I needed or could afford, then paid for my basil (with a bit of thyme and Italian parsley thrown in - they needed a good home too). Upon returning to my car, I glanced over towards the barn and saw...

...a lovely blue sky with impressive clouds? Stacks of pots and random equipment? Well, yes, but more importantly:

A barn quilt! And what a beauty it is - a perfect crazy quilt, with fancy stitching and embroidery and everything handsome about it - right down to the little "1893" in the corner.

Now that I think of it, Blogtopia is rather like a crazy quilt - bits and pieces of beauty all jostled up together in unexpected ways, adorned with featherstitches and lazy daisies and touches of whimsy; silk next to velvet next to calico next to tweed. Out of the unlikely jumble of thoughts and images and words, friendships are born ... and something lovely is made.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Yes, blogtopia is like that! Great way to put it...and what great garden store, you lucky gal you!

  2. How lovely is that!!! garden and the quilt!
    Shari :)

  3. I didn't know you could get such a thing - lovely. Hope the basil, and rest, thrives. Juliex

  4. Our lettuce is long gone, but our basil is doing well, but we use it sparingly as I find it strong. Do like it on tomatoes with feta cheese.

  5. Love this post! You could not be more correct. I definitely see my friendships in blogland as most unexpected and delightful. I get to meet people all over the world and I know I am the richer for it. Thanks for this beautiful post!

  6. What a great analogy! Couldn't agree more. And just like quilting is a way of life, so is blogging. :)

    I'm in love with the barn quilt! Is it fabric or paint?!?

    I lost all my spinach to heat and grasshoppers. Next time I'm going to keep the spinach indoors. (running out of plant space indoors!)

  7. I've never seen a barn quilt before, haven't even known that there are any. So beautiful. I love crazy quilts very much, but haven't made one yet. Probabely because life itself is like a crazy quilt. So sewing straight squares and pieces is essential to get along with the chaos and crazyness around us.

  8. That is the best barn quilt ever!! I was going to start a veggie garden this year, but the weather was just so strange that I finally gave up the idea.


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