Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Smooth and Cool

...which sounds like a jazz album, but instead is meant to describe our favourite way of beating the heat right now:

Start with partially thawed (formerly frozen) strawberries* -
1½ - 2 cups per person

Place in a blender with 1/4 - 1/2 cup (per person)
of coconut milk, milk, cream,
or beverage of your choice -
with sweetener to taste

Whirl away...

...and enjoy the resulting divinely red,
icy-cool and lusciously smooth elixir -

chock-full of Vitamin C
and cheery refreshing goodness.

*Frozen strawberries work best (if allowed to thaw a bit first) because the freeze/thaw process breaks down their cell walls, allowing them to release more juice. Other fruits and/or flavours may be added as desired.

We're very blessed to have frozen strawberries, or frozen anything right now, when so many people in the U.S. are suffering without electricity (here in Wisconsin and on the East Coast). Others (in Colorado) have lost not only power, but their homes, to fire. Our prayers go out for all of them.

How are you staying cool this hot summer? (If your summer is hot, that is.)

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  1. Ohh this looks delious! We are having about 105 degree weather here in Louisiana for the past week now.. I don't remember it ever being this hot!! I am soo ready for Winter!

  2. Looks yummy. It's down to mid-90's here, but so humid. We keep the blind mostly closed, and that's hard because I love the sunlight, run ceiling fans, get our walk and exercise done in the morning, eat light and lay around like a bunch of cats.

  3. Double super delicious Sue! We are pretty fortunate here, it's hot but doable, as long as no energy is needed to do anything. :-)

  4. Our summer in Wales is wet and miserable. i don't remember ever having such a wet summer. I was saying to hubbie this morning that the patio looks lovely and I would love to get out and sit in it!! The strawberry drink sounds and looks wonderful. Enjoy!! Joan

  5. That sounds so refreshing!! I love the coconut milk idea!! We will have to give that a go here! :)

    I can't believe what I'm hearing about the heat wave and power loss from a storm!! I have a cousin in Delaware and their vet office electrical system was fried from the storm. No animals were affected, thankfully!! And I feel so for those who have lost homes...so much to bear.

  6. That does indeed look yummy. I may have to stop in tonight to share one with you. (wink wink)

    Thankfully, we're finally going to cool off this weekend, and I think the fires finally have met their match. Ick. Was that a bad choice of words or what?!?

  7. Oh, this looks so yummy! It might even cause me to have an appetite. :) No heat here, though, and I can't say as I'm really unhappy about that. My thoughts are with all the folks across the US, though with too much heat, no power, threat of fire, tornadoes and storms! May they all stay safe!

  8. Now I make this with natural yoghurt, but I must try it with coconut milk, that sounds really refreshing :D


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