Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Miles to Go - Favourite Cycling Photos of 2013

New Year's Eve, and 3 degrees (F) outside.

On a night like this, it's hard to believe there ever was a summer ... or a cycling season. So here's a little reminder for myself, of months and miles past; of beauties seen and goals achieved; of friendship enjoyed, sunshine and rain, blossom and tree, and the inestimable blessing of health.

I'm grateful for this year, and look forward to what the next may bring.

~ ~ ~

March 2013 - first ride of the season!

Tallulah the Turtle, second-best cycling buddy ever (and a gift from Snowcatcher, the BEST cycling buddy ever).

April - old barns...

...and robins by the river.

First leaves of spring.

May - training break by the Wisconsin River.

A favourite oak in greening fields.

Tallulah smells the lilacs.

June - beautiful water.

And the peak of the season: Bike MS. What a treat to ride in Colorado!

Beautiful hitchhiker.

We did it! (With Snowcatcher and the Lizard.)

July - abounding in wildflowers. Birdsfoot trefoil:


August - More wildflowers. Knapweed (with turtle):

Hot days and sun on the water.

September - ditches blue with asters.

Reflections of the road.

A single perfect acorn.

Cathedral of pines.

October - glory of maples.

And more acorns.

November - last ride of the season.

See you next year! :)

~ ~ ~

What are your favourite memories of 2013?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Beautiful photos! Your cycling looks like a lot of fun...and with those views, I'd go out even in the cold ;-) Have a wonderful new year!!!

  2. Oh I so loved re-living your adventures in your lovely photos. :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year and Best Wishes!

    Beautiful photos, thank you!

  4. It does seem hard to believe that there was a summer. But I remember all your training and your successful rides.
    Happy New Year. Here's hoping for an early biking season.

  5. It so very grey here today. Your pictures brought a bit of sunshine to my world.

    Happy New Year ...I look forward to seeing many more rides soon.

  6. Happy New Year to you Due and of course darling Tallulah, Spring and Summer will come again, you have had a beautiful year.

  7. What a beautiful year in review! Just when I thought the pictures couldn't get any better, I'd scroll to the next one, and oh, my goodness!

    What a great photographic (and mileage) year you've had! Here's to another in 2014!

  8. Happy New Year, Sue! Wishing you lots of wonderful bicycle outings in 2014! I like the picture of your bike on that last but one image! What a lot of lovely souvenirs you made!

  9. My favorite memories of 2013: Driving with my oldest sister from Portland, OR to Burbank, CA then back to Portland and on to West Point, NE and back to Portland; sitting by the creek behind our ponds listening to the burbling brook and the birds; crocheting and knitting and writing and photographing; and viewing blogs with yours being an especially treasured destination. Thanks so much for sharing your artistry, Sue. I often am stunned by the beauty you share. xx
    PS I listened to the 9 Lessons and Carols on my laptop while reading the program on my iPad and really enjoyed the experience! [I also was impressed and giggled as I read the instructions for when to cough and how and when to turn pages...I was rather horrified when I noted how often I cleared my throat :)]

  10. Happy New Year, Mrs. M! I love seeing your pictures of Tallulah, she seems to be the ideal cycling companion. (Other than Snowcatcher of course.) :)

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