Sunday, December 8, 2013


The last few days have been chilly ones, with the mercury wavering between 10 and 0, and occasionally dipping below zero. (That's -12 to -17 for my Celsius friends.) Welcome to winter in Wisconsin!

A fine, dry snow is falling as Tallulah and I bundle up to take a wintry walk.

The church on the corner looks very December-ish with wreaths on the door, and a soft dusting of snow on its roof:

Blogger in a new hat:

Turtle in a new scarf:

Tallulah surfs an ice wave down at the lakeshore:

("Aren't your feet cold, Tallulah?" I ask.

"Nah," she says. "I'm balancing on my shell and keeping my feet off the ice.")

Our trail runs through tall grass...

...then passes a large clump of goldenrod. I never can resist taking photos of dried goldenrod:

At our feet are leafy outlines in the snow:

The sleety wind begins to sting. Visibility is dropping; it's not the best weather for photo-taking. One last shot of trees and a snowy path...

...then we turn and hurry home in the quickening dusk. (Night falls so soon these days.)

We're grateful for the fresh cold air, and even more grateful for a warm house to return to.

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  1. Brrrrrr! We are hovering around 34F here, and I thought that was cold! Cute hat and cute scarf ;)
    Keep warm! Think I am ready for hot chocolate. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. Colder than in western Pennsylvania! We, too, have snow, but too little yet to build an igloo, like last year :)

  3. BRRR in the midwest also - unseasonably cold!! Miss T Turtle will be double wrapping her new scarf if it gets any colder! Glitter project with the grandkids (what was I thinking!) - looks like sparkly snow in our kitchen! Bundle up!

  4. Your pictures are lovely. I was going to say the church one was my favorite, but then I scrolled down to the leaves. Oh heck .....all the photos are my favorites. ;-)

  5. Your walk looks gorgeous and cold. It's been cold here in CA, but I won't complain because I've been getting away without needing gloves. Stay warm.

  6. Brrrry here in Portland, too, Sue. 17F I was so excited to get my copy of Interweave Crochet in the mail yesterday, and I turned right away to your article :) Bravo for your article and for this lovely post. Thank you for sharing your artistry and appreciation for the beautiful and whimsical around us.
    Love with hugs,

  7. Ouch! That's cold....will it get a lot lower?....I stays pretty mild here in comparison. Lovely to see your winter walk, I think Tallulah is very enterprising indeed, although between lying on my tummy in the snow and standing on my feet....its pretty much a tie!

  8. What a lovely walk. It makes it so wonderful to return home to a warm house afterwards when it's so cold outside.

  9. I like winter walks, looks like a nice one, we have only had one big frost so far and it all left by the afternoon, today its cold and wet hmmmm... we are hoping for a bit of snow for Christmas.

  10. Beautiful Sue, I love snow. Also loving your new crochet creation, looks perfectly cosy x Keep well and wrapped up well x Penny

  11. We've been in the ice box, too, for the last five days, even though traveling through southern states typically much warmer. We'd planned to travel home north, but decided the warm and typically summery southwest might be a safer route. And, we attempted (unsuccessfully, I might add) to thread the needle by departing at the tail end of the first arctic blast and reach home before the second one a day later. And then, home... BRRRR! I don't think we've been above 2 degrees here since Wednesday!!!

    Love the ice-surfing photo! We just watched a Attenborough segment last night on the life (and breeding habits) of deep sea turtles, so seeing Tallulah again this dark and chilly morning brought a burst of warmth to my heart!

  12. OMG I can't even imagine temperatures that low. At my daughter's for Thanksgiving it was in the 30's and I thought I was freezing.

  13. It's a winter wonderland here, too :)


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