Monday, December 23, 2013

Snowy Sunday

A late December Sunday. Fine snow falls thickly and insistently all morning, stops for a few hours, then picks up again in the afternoon.

I am deep in a sewing project and tempted to stay in and finish it, but the falling snow is calling my name. On with the snowpants ... and boots and scarf and hat and coat and gloves. Into the pocket go the turtle and the camera.

The wind is out of the north, driving tiny flakes across the landscape. The trail entrance is deep with virgin snow; only a bunny has gone before me today...

...rather an undecided bunny, it would seem.

Tallulah hollers from my pocket, "Hey don't forget to take some photos of me today!" I oblige her by posing her on a bare twig:

"Do my cheekbones look prominent?" she asks. "I'm sucking in my cheeks."

I haven't the heart to tell her she looks exactly the same as always. (Do turtles even have cheekbones?)

Up the trail to the Favourite Tree, which stands dreaming of longer days to come...

...then left across the field to where the trail splits. Shall I keep going straight, and follow the snowmobile tracks?

Or turn right, and take the road less travelled (which leads past a possible badger sett)?

We choose the road less travelled. (I keep an eye out for animal tracks, but see none.)

What I do see when I look down are these:

Perfect snowflakes, like tiny six-sided miracles, cling to my scarf. Holding my breath for fear of melting them, I snap a few photos and feel as though someone has handed me the moon.

Does this make me an honorary Snowcatcher? :)

Tallulah sees an inviting hollow stump and perches on the edge to look into the snowy depths:

"How does it look?" I ask.

"Cold and deep," she replies, shivering.

Our trail emerges from the trees, and we stop for a moment to listen. The only sound is the tiny tkk of snowflakes hitting my coat; all other noises have been swallowed up by the deep pervading silence of falling snow. (Is there anything else in the world that falls so quietly as to hush everything around it?)

The trail curves to the left, passing an empty birdhouse whose occupants have flown to warmer climes:

We cross another field to pick up the snowmobile trail as it curves through the woods:

Branch and tree and ground and sky are full of a soft white glory. Even the prickliest dried blossoms are beautified under hats of snow:

In the third blossom from the bottom hides a tiny, perfect snowflower (which I only noticed during the photo-editing stage):

Out of the woods, past a glorious rank of snow-dusted pines...

...then home under the dimming grey sky, with thoughts of dinner dancing in my head.

A gorgeously snowy walk.

~ ~ ~

P.S. (which stands of course for Possum Sighting):

After dinner, Mr. M goes out to the garage and is greatly startled to find this critter. We hope it's not planning to stay, though it seems to like the recycling boxes. I run for my camera, take a quick photo, then we shut the door and leave the possum to it. Wonder if it'll still be there in the morning?

(It wasn't.) :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Awesome snowflake photos, Sue! Thanks for taking me along on your walk with Miss T. We had pouring rain here today and Mt. Hood is hiding. I hope to finish crocheting a Christmas stocking by tomorrow night so I'd best get at it : ) Merry Christmas! xx

  2. You find the most interesting places to walk. You make me wish I was there, even though I really hate being cold.

    Merry Christmas and wishing you many fine walks in 2014. DK

  3. You know how excited those snowflake photos got me, don't you?!? I've forgotten everything else in the post!!!!!!!!!!

    Beautiful yarn to cradle them, too!

    Hi, Tallulah!

  4. What wonderful snow! I loved the snowflakes on your scarf. How perfectly formed and they obligingly didn't melt till you took the photo!
    Wishing you a marvellous and happy and cosy Christmas!

  5. Beautiful photos, what a wonderful walk. I hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year.

  6. That snowflake Sue! I am speechless at it's immense beauty, how fortunate you are to have seen such a creation. I am still dreaming of a white Christmas x happy Christmas to you and your loved ones xox Penny

  7. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    I think you're new little furball is looking for shelter from Winter. Generally they hibernate eventually so it may be a short stay.
    Susan x

  8. Merry Christmas to you and your husband. Thank you for all the great bike rides, crocheting lessons and new words.

  9. What stunning snow flakes, and walk in general. I do love snow. And that possum is pretty cute too - although I guess they are a bit of a pest? Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Juliex

  10. I enjoyed my walk with you and Tallulah Sue, beautiful photo's and those snowflakes are amazing have a great Christmas. :)

  11. Oh I loved this post (I keep saying that after I read all your posts, but it's true). The snowflakes are awesome. I have never seen anything like them before. We get snow in KY but they always seem to be just feathery clumps of stuff that melts on contact. Your snowflakes are breath-taking.

    Awww Miss T cracks me up. So glad you two got out and the tree that is "dreaming of longer days to come...." Your photos are always so beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing them us and all your fun adventures through the year, too.

    Merry Christmas!

  12. The snowflake picture is just so beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen a real one like that..perfect.
    I took my dog for a walk yesterday, but he is only interested in marking his path. I need to find a more scenic place to walk.

  13. This looks so beautiful. I wish I was there right now instead of looking out at the dismal rain washed garden! I'm staying with you next Christmas ok. ?
    merry Christmas Sue. Hope that it's a lovelyrelaxing one.

  14. Merry Christmas to you and Miss Tallulah. Love that snow falke picture.

  15. Awwwww, that lovely snowflake! Christmas hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  16. Yes, I'm with you Sue, I wouldn't be able to resist a walk in the Wintry wonderland. Your photos are stunning......those snowflakes, oh my goodness, they are breathtakingly beautiful.....How such beauty forms and falls to the ground, is beyond me!!
    Love the rabbit tracks, fun spotting who or what is out and about....
    It's an overcast, cool day here for Christmas. Perfect for those doing the traditional lunch.
    We've just had a lovely, late breakfast and were going to sit under a Willow by the creek with a ham sandwich for lunch, but it might be a bit on the cool side, complaints at all. Have a lovely Christmas whatever you do........Xx

  17. Your snowflake photo knocked me out! How gorgeous and how wonderful to be able to catch them in their beauty. Your snow is beautiful, but if it's all the same, please keep it. Merry Christmas!

  18. You can really SEE snowflakes like that so perfectly?!!! I feel as if you have given ME a gift! Incredible, I had no idea! How excited were you to see that snowflake on the dried flower? I would have let out a delighted "Wow".

    Now, I must allso tell you...if you ever want to know a good children's book to read, it is "Possum Come A Knockin"...that is one of the few books that my English husband could not read to our son, I was the only one allowed to read it, since it is best read with a Southern accent!

  19. Beautiful snowflake. Here it is snowing now after a warmer period. :-)

  20. Love, love your post and the snowflakes are spectacular! Here are a few more if you would like to see -

    Happy holidays!

  21. It is good that you and Tallulah got out and got some great shots!

  22. I do envy you the reliability of snow in winter - some years we don't see a single flake - but I'm sure by the time spring comes you can be weary of the stuff.

    Here's hoping you and yours have enjoyed a magical Christmas and can look forward to an equally magical 2014.

  23. Lovely pictures as ever, and ooh, I was squeeing at the snowflake pictures!

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