Thursday, December 5, 2013

Triplets Stitch - Tutorial Links

The Triplets Stitch (now starring in the Triplets Scarf, Interweave Crochet Winter 2014), is a quick and fun back loop only star stitch variation. Triplets Stitches create a soft and flexible crochet fabric, especially when combined with back loop slip stitch rows (as in the photo above).

I had originally planned to post a Triplets phototutorial here, but a few weeks ago Interweave asked if I could provide one for their CrochetMe blog. (Of course I said yes. Talk about deeply honoured!)

Here's the link to that phototutorial: "Triplets Scarf: Master the Triplets Cluster"

I've also made a short Triplets video tutorial which can be found here:

If you'd like to make a Triplets swatch of your own:
  • Chain any multiple of 3, + 2
  • Work Triplets Stitches on the right side rows, and use another stitch (back loop slip stitch recommended) on the wrong side rows
  • For greatest flexibility and loft, work Triplets in the back loop only
  • Try worsted weight yarn for cuddly warmth, or a finer yarn for delicate texture
So far I've only combined Triplets with back loop slip stitch, but they should work well with other stitches too. A few rows of Triplets, interspersed with slip stitch or single crochet rows, could make a beautiful accent for sweater cuffs or hem, or a striking blanket border.

Try the Triplets Stitch and tell me what you think! :)

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  1. I really ee the combination, they work so well....I'm looking forward to getting into some kind of routine/normality in my knitting and crochet again after the Christmas making dash. I do like the orange/red yarn, so pretty! You are a clever duck!

  2. This is a gorgeous stitch Sue, you are so crochet famous now! A big congrats for the CrochetMe blog tutorial.

  3. It is indeed a beautiful stitch, and I could see it as a great edging. Can't wait for an internet connection that will allow me to view your tutorials...

  4. Sue, thank you for this great tutorial. I'm going to make a scarf with this lovely stitch over the weekend.

  5. Lovely stitches my fiber arts friend!

    Just finishing up a crochet Red Riding Hood cloak and wanting to move on to an ecru bed cover I can do in single blocks.

    You are SUCH an inspiration to me!

    Have a warm and fuzzy day!

    The Goat Borrower


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