Monday, April 7, 2014

A Young Man with a Violin

"I had a neat experience today,"
says Dad from his hospital bed.

"What was that, Dad?" say I,
perched on the bed by his side.

"A young man with a violin came around
and played music to the patients," he says.

(I turn my head for a moment
to hide the quick, unbidden tears.
Why am I crying?)

"That's wonderful, Dad," I say (when I'm able).
"Did he come into your room?"

"Yes, he came right in," says Dad.

"What did he play? Did he take requests?"

"He played Rachmaninoff and Bach," says Dad
in a tone of satisfaction (these are two of his favourite composers).
"He was very good."

"Did he play for the other patients?" I ask.

"Yes, he played for anyone
who wanted him to," says Dad.
"It was great."

~ ~ ~

Dear Young Man with a Violin,

Thank you for bringing music and beauty and life and joy into weary hospital rooms.

God bless you and your violin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. What a lovely little story and one happy dad because of a friendly musician!

  2. Sue, I'm choked up with emotion too now. Music is the most expressive language of all and, please tell your father, Bach's my favourite composer EVER! :-)

    (I hope you are bearing up ok, Sue.)


  3. It is so touching when people are kind, just for the sake of it and not for any material reward. How lovely for someone to bring a touch of happiness to those in need. Wishing you and your dad lots of positive thoughts. Juliex

  4. God bless the soul of that young musician---who has so surely blessed the soul of others- xo Diana

  5. Gosh, you got me all teared up, too!

    What a wonderful gift! If I could play, I would do the same thing, now that I know how much joy it brings.

  6. Oh how wonderful for your dad and the others in the hospital! Hugs all around, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  7. Aww, how lovely :-). Hospitals can be such boring places, a bit of music must make all the difference. I hope your dad is feeling better soon and I'm glad he enjoyed his Rachmaninoff and Bach. I'm quite partial to both of them too!

  8. How wonderful. Bless this lovely boy indeed. I would have cried too.

  9. Aw that's lovely Sue, we too have a young man who plays the piano for the residents and clients where I work. He comes to the day unit on a Wednesday and the clients love it, they sing along and it brightens their day. :)

  10. Music is the language that everyone speaks...and feels in their hearts. :) Blessings to you and your sweet Dad, too. :)

  11. Before my Mom was in a long term care facility my daughter additioned for a singing group and was accepted. Turns out that they practiced songs and a bit of dance and then they went to nursing homes in the area to perform. I attended every single performance and the excitement and pleasure that their music brought to the residents brought me to tears every time.
    I am so happy that someone brought the gift of music to your Dad and that he enjoyed it.

  12. How special that has a way of touching everybody, wherever they are, how wonderful that that young man took his violin to hospital.

    I see your crochet flower pattern on the previous post and I am there, haven't felt like that about crochet for some time, its a nice feeling!

    Take care Sue.x

  13. Somehow I missed that your Dad had taken ill. I am so sorry and I hope he is getting stronger everyday. Bless the young man who played for him, he will never know what a blessing he is. Hang in there, your stress level must be very high right now,
    Sending you a hug,

  14. How absolutely wonderful, Sue. I'm so glad someone took the time to do this. Hospital life can be very dreary and boring. Bless that young man. Hugs to you and your dad.


  15. I am glad your Dad got such a "treat" form a violinist! I hope he feels better now. God bless your family!

  16. What a touching story of a wonderful young man and his music. I was in the hospital recently and a woman was rolling a harp along and I asked if she played for people and she asked if we wanted to hear a song, and I was amazed but said yes, please! So, she unloaded it and played us a song. Then she said that the family of patients need care too. Wonderful people! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. That is so wonderful Sue and what a blessing for your lovely Dad and the other patients! Music is such an important part of life and how soothing for those in hospital, especially when they hear music from their favourite composers! Take care of yourself Sue! Love, Joy xo

  18. There are some very good people in this world ... what a blessing :)


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