Monday, April 21, 2014

Pleasant Saturday Ride

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Willows waving golden streamers
Water on a wind-parched throat
Leaf buds lacy against the sky

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The week began with this...

...and ended with this:

Spring in Wisconsin. Gotta love it. :)

Saturday is warm and lovely, with temps in the giddy 60s, and a gusty wind blowing from the south. Birds twitter happily from the trees and chase each other over the fields. The song of the frogs is no longer tentative, but loud and confident. It's a perfect day to be out on Iris (my bike) with Tallulah the Turtle (my riding partner).

A windmill peeks from behind this barn:

(See that green stuff on the ground? The grass is growing! Hooray!)

A robin tries (unsuccessfully) to hide in the brush:

What is it about lonely trees in fields? I always want to take their picture, and this one is no exception:

At the favourite willowy curve, the willow-fronds are blown nearly sideways by the wind. They're even brighter than they were last week:

We climb some hills and descend some others. I ponder potential crochet designs, and enjoy the freedom and solitude of the road. Ducks fly up from streams as we pass, and a cardinal flashes across the road. The sun is warm on my back, and water slides like a cool blessing down my dry throat.

Tallulah rides silently, her turtle nose turned upwards.

"Why so quiet, Tallulah?" I ask. "You've hardly said a word the entire ride."

"I'm looking at that blue, blue sky," she says dreamily. "I think I can finally see spring."

A very pleasant ride.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. I love your use of words Sue, you had me there right along with you, what a lovely ride. :)

  2. Hoping you dreamed up some great crochet plans. The wind looks very strong, judging by the willows! Wishing you a lovely week. Juliex

  3. Oh wow! What a turn of weather! Loving both the pics, but second one more now :) Congrats! Our Indian heat has reached your area finally, though lost its power on the way a little! (let's think so ))

  4. Amen! Gotta love it (especially now that the spring is TRULY arriving!).

    Pretty pictures.

  5. Love your pictures (as always) and I am with Miss the blue, blue sky! :)

    Happy Spring!

  6. Yeah for spring! I'll bet it rushes in quicker now.

  7. How wonderful. I know spring is going to be in full effect any day now.

  8. You have such a lovely place to ride! Yes spring is here, say hello to the northern pollen for me.

  9. We got some spring, too, finally! Now both of us can get out there and re-develop those necessary calluses! I love that picture of the weeping willow in the wind, even though wind is not the best way to ride...

  10. I so admire your artistry, Sue! In so many ways you are gifted in expressing Love and Joy. Thanks for posting. When I got to the willow photo I exclaimed "WOW!" I am so glad Miss Tallulah can see and enjoy Spring in your neck of the woods :) xx

  11. Your way with words amazes me. So glad Spring is finally popping out in Wisconsin.

  12. So glad that spring is popping out for you. It was like that here too. I still long or leaves on the trees. So far they are still bare.
    I can hardly wait to see the finished crochet that you are dreaming up while you ride.

  13. Beautiful pictures. Love that willow!

  14. The willow is showing its Spring Blooms. Lovely. No trees budding out here. Lovely photos on your ride . Hugs Judy

  15. Ah, so nice to see Tallulah again, and to know both she and yourself can finally enjoy a distinct change in the seasons - beautiful Spring, and how about that beautiful willow full of life, thank you Sue! Joy x

  16. awww glad T and you got out. I love the willow trees yellowing up

  17. And how welcome Spring must be after your WInter Sue......
    As always wonderful photos and perfect words to accompany them.
    Love the brown hues with a splash of greenery.......the wind blown willows and the solitary
    tree, such appealing imagery.

    Claire x


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