Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two Short Rides

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chickadees whistling "Still here, still here"
Marsh frogs chirping tentative songs
Dogwood glowing red in the sun

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Spring is no longer behaving like a timid guest who peeps around the corners of doors before retreating shyly to her room. Now she's walking around with confidence as though she intends to stay a while. Last weekend was warm and dry enough (hooray!) for me to squeeze in two short rides.

Saturday's ride is gloriously sunny, though a chilly wind is freezing my fingers and tickling the marshes. They don't seem to mind, but sparkle happily and reflect back the blue of the spring sky:

Wild geese step daintily away from the verge as I approach:

Today's ride is a short out-and-back. Here's the same marsh from the opposite direction:

A few frogs chirp as I pass, sounding uncertain whether to continue or to go back to sleep. (Stay awake, guys - it's getting warmer every day!)

And a few miles later I'm home. A good brisk pipe-opener squeezed in between Saturday housework and a movie date with friends.

~ ~ ~

Sunday I have a little more time to spare, so the ride is slightly longer. The weather is warmer today, but overcast - not so good for photos.

Blurry self-portrait, or, Cyclist with Turtle:

A favourite willowy corner:

The willows are fairly glowing right now with golden-green shoots streaming down to the dark water.

I pass buff-coloured fields and leafless woods. I see clumps of bare lilac and the ghosts of last year's Queen Anne's Lace. It's hard to believe that in a few months all will be green and lush.

One last shot of a favourite marshy bend:

Some ice remains on the water, but it's shrinking and will soon be gone. There's a new nest in that tall tree to left of center, and dogwood glows rosily on the far bank.

Make yourself at home, Spring. We are so glad to have you. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Oh, Yay! You have spring, too! And willows are so beautiful everywhere. They line the canals here in The Netherlands and are trimmed back in the winter (which the Dutch did not have this year!). Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. you are wonderful out on the bikes already > HI Talu turtle!

  3. WE have not had much spring around here yet but most of our snow has melted...whooo hoooo....Great pictures! Diana

  4. Yes, Spring, PLEASE do make yourself comfortable and stay for a while!

    So happy you got in two rides! Even if short, that's better than holing up out of the wind! We get more snow this weekend, and a hard freeze to boot. Poor hyacinths, daffodils and pink trees!

  5. Those willows are glorious! Finally looks like spring is coming to your corner of the globe :)

  6. It looks like spring has come. I am glad you have such nice weather now, somehow I miss the change of teh seasons you can witness, as there is no such in India. So your photos as usual is like balm for my soul :)

  7. Love the willow corner! Hope your Dad is doing well. The cats will sit and stare at each other at a distance of about 5 feet, some progress.

  8. Spring is finally coming. How great is that?

  9. I live in Kansas and we have gorgeous sunsets but there is just normal nature the rest of the time and so people say Kansas is boring (no mountains, tropical plants, or seas here, just cows and grass). So, I just love how you write so beautifully about normal nature.

  10. Spring is always such a lovely time of year.....good to see all the neat places again....and of course Miss T, as well. :)

  11. You can almost feel the life waiting to burst into action - I bet the willows are looking really green by now. Juliex

  12. I'm so glad that Spring and all her friends are venturing out and bringing you happy lighthearted times on your bike again, Sue - welcome to new life and . . . . . . I need a real Talula fix (sorry I think my spelling is wrong there T!)! Perhaps next time? Joy x


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