Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Tuesday I rode my bike over to visit my dad. The ride out was uneventful; the ride home more interesting.

On Sunday's ride I had seen a wild goose on the river trail; on Tuesday I saw what was probably the same goose. He was in the same spot, and on both occasions he did the exact same thing.

He sat by the side of the trail, ignoring me...

...until I got close enough for an encounter to be potentially dangerous. Then he decided to panic and fly across my path (don't worry, we didn't collide):

He landed a short distance away down the bank:

I regretted not getting his photo on Sunday, so it was really very kind of him to wait by the side of the trail on Tuesday, and to panic again for my especial benefit. Just when I happened to have my camera out, too. :)

~ ~ ~

A few miles later (I was back on the road by this time), I was hit by a car from behind. I felt a huge blow on the back of my arm, and saw a car go whizzing by with pieces flying off of it. Strangely enough there was no immediate pain; I was able to apply the brakes, carefully ride onto the verge, and climb off the bike - screaming the while. (The adrenaline response is very fascinating.)

The driver slowed, turned around, and came back; she was very apologetic, and urged me to let her call 911. By this time my arm was beginning to hurt and I realised I'd better have it checked out.

At times like this I really appreciate the kindness of passersby. Several people stopped to offer help; one was a nursing assistant who brought me an ice pack from her car. Another seemed to be an off-duty emergency medical technician who got on his walkee-talkee and began giving details to the local emergency room staff while we waited for the ambulance to arrive. A third offered to take my bike home for me as he was headed in the same direction I had been. The two sheriffs who responded were gentleness itself, and the EMTs who came with the ambulance were warm and encouraging.

Long story short - no bones were broken. I have some nasty bruises on my arm and a really spectacular one on my hip; my arm was also badly cut and required stitches. My left hand is stiff and sore, and temporarily weakened by the bruising in my arm. But my bike was untouched - for which I am very grateful. (I can be stitched up, but my bike can't.)

As I was leaving my dad's apartment Tuesday, he said, "I'll pray that you have a safe ride home." I'm glad he did. Though the ride wasn't entirely safe, it could have been very much worse than it was.

Thanks, Dad. And thanks to all those who pitched in to help a crying, shaking stranger by the side of the road. I really appreciate it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. I wondered if you would share more details; now it seems as if I was right there, but unable to help.

    I hope everything heals quickly and that you're able to sleep well at night.

    Thank God, literally, for your dad's prayer and for God watching over you and keeping you safe.

  2. Oh blimey, that sounds really scarey! I'm glad you're mostly okay - it sounds as if it could have been an awful lot worse. What a great selection of passersby! Take it easy now - hope everything heals quickly.

  3. Yikes!!! That is too scary. I'm glad everything will heal in time and so, so glad that it wasn't any worse. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    On a happier topic ---- love the action shot of the Canada goose. What a silly goose!

  4. Oh, Sue! What an experience! Take it easy and heal well soon. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  5. Oh my God, Sue, you were HIT BY A CAR!!!
    I am glad that you are okay but my dear, treat yourself very gently, you have HIT BY A CAR!!!
    What wonderful people live in Wisconsin, so many people helpied you, I love that they did that.
    Richard was hit by a car in 2008 (he was in his car) and the other car DID NOT STOP. All the other drivers went by too, finally one young man stopped and helped him find his glasses....the car was totaled but Richard was okay. Shakes you up though, especially at the thought of a hit and run.
    Gee, you had an accident and I am telling you all our troubles! LOL!
    You must be an Anglophile, your downplaying of your accident is very English, you know!
    (I show my American side very often when it comes to anything of the painful nature!)
    Take care, wish I could be there to make you a hot cup of tea! xx

  6. I'm so glad that you are okay, Sue! What an experience! At least it was mitigated by all those amazing people who came to your help. And the driver came back ~ We're having such a problem with hit and run drivers here in Colorado. Sending you hugs and positive energy!

  7. Ouch, that sounds terrible. Luckily no permanent damage though knitting might be a bit painful for a while.

  8. Hello Sue, what an awful and frightening experience. Thank goodness the driver came back, I reckon it was scary for her too. Thank goodness your injuries will heal. Emotionally will take time to heal. Lovely so many stopped to help you. Hugs judy

  9. Sue I'm so glad you were more badly injured.Please take it easy until you heal.

  10. OH how scary. I was a bit freaded out just reading it. I am so glad that you are "mostly ok". take it easy. Get extra rest.

  11. Oh gosh. Poor you. I'm not surprised you were crying and shaking. So pleased people helped you out and that it wasn't much worse. I hope you heal up fast and, perhaps, try to take a nice easy ride for your first time back? Will be thinking of you. Juliex

  12. So good there were people to help you. Nice to hear that the car driver stopped. "Glücik im Unglück". I hope you are feeling better soon.

  13. How terrifying, I'm so glad you weren't hurt any worse. Cycling is a dangerous business. I used to cycle to work and back, and I had so many near misses it doesn't bear thinking about. I do hope you're fully recovered very soon. CJ xx

  14. OmGOODness! I'm so glad this wasn't worse! That silly woman! I hope all your bruises go away fast, and the pain, too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. I am sending prayers your way that you will heal quickly. Goodness gracious.....I am very thankful everyone was there to help you. Hope your feeling better very soon. ((hugs)). :)

  16. Oh my goodness! Thank goodness you are alright, well a bit bruised and battered but alright. And thank goodness that woman turned around, and others were there to help you. Heal quickly.

  17. I'm so sorry to hear of your dreadful experience Sue - so now, apart from the healing of the stitched up area and bruises, your whole system will take time to recover from the shock of the incident. Do take good care of yourself and go slowly and gently! You certainly are being watched over .. .. ..
    Joy xo

  18. Oh Sue, how scary!!! I love riding bikes, but seldomly do it because I'm afraid of traffic. Glad you're ok!!!!

  19. Oh blimey. Hope you heal and recover soon. Thinking of you.

    CN x

  20. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about that, that must have been really scary! I definitely would have been crying and shaking too...I'm really glad you're all right, apart from the bruises and soreness, which I'm sure are no fun :( I hope you recover soon, lots of hugs are being sent your way!

  21. So glad to hear about the kindness of strangers. Praise the Lord!

  22. I'm so behind with everyone I missed this post Sue. What a nightmare. I do hope you are properly on the mend now x

  23. Oh my goodness, Sue. I'm glad you are okay but I know that was very scary for you. This is what I worry about every time the Hubbs climbs on his bike. Having been purposely run off the road by an approaching vehicle myself, I shudder to think what might have been. So glad you were helped by good people. Please take care and get better soon.


  24. I am so sorry to hear of this frightening experience, but am so grateful that you are safe, and that some kind-hearted friends were able to help you after such a scary time...

  25. Oh Sue, I'm a bit late to the party, but after reading about your ordeal, I am feeling quite teary. Very thankful that you are OK and that you had such wonderful, thoughtful, caring help from strangers...... Good to read the follow up posts that you are on the mend and back out on your bike.......take care.

    Claire Xx

  26. Bit late here too, but glad to hear you're OK. At least she came back to see how you were and so many others helped too which is great. Would be have been better if she's not hit you in the first place though - MORE ROOM PLEASE! Some drivers try to squeeze past with no thought for the cyclist's safety, which is why I don't like cycling in traffic and go out early in the morning on quiet roads - when I've time that is! There's not been much cycling here but I'm hoping to get out this Sat...

  27. Yikes, Sue! Just now reading this - so glad it wasn't worse and that you've been able to recover and bike on!


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