Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Getting Back on the Horse (well, Bicycle)

Friday I got my stitches out, and Saturday I got back on the bike. (With some trepidation, it must be admitted).

It's beautiful riding weather. With Spring now more or less firmly established (though we still had a few near-freezing nights last week), the blossoms we didn't get in April are finally popping out now in May.

A few miles out of town, a wild plum stretches a flower-decked arm to the sky:

We pass a patch of white violets, and stop for photos. Tallulah climbs onto my rim for a whiff:

Just around the corner, an Allegheny Serviceberry peeps shyly out from the edge of the woods:

Its blossoms are rosy-hearted and lovely:

"How about a dandelion photo?" says Tallulah. "Dandelions are flowers too."

I'm stopping for photos every chance I get, because my arm is hurting and I'm feeling teary and vulnerable on the bike. Though it seems ridiculous to feel this way, I can't seem to shake it.

But there's beauty all around, in the new-leaved trees and the peaceful winding streams:

And flowering trees send sweetness drifting through the air.

I tell myself that Sunday's ride will be better.

~ ~ ~

And so it turns out to be - much better in every way. The weather is still beautiful, the gloom has lifted from my spirits, and my arm hardly aches at all on this ride. :)

A favourite barn looks cheerily red, with green grass below and blue sky behind:

This little shed makes regular appearances on my blog:

There's something charming about its rusty roof, weathered boards, and vine-hung front. Every year it sags a little more, and someday I know it will collapse - but when it does I will have plenty of photos to remember it by.

Tall trees, blue sky, a bicycle, and empty roads - what could be better?

Like Marianne Dashwood, I am "feeling all the happy privilege of country liberty, of wandering from place to place in free and luxurious solitude."

Iris rests against a bridge...

...while I wander down the bank for a shot of these Marsh Marigolds (or kingcups):

It's a lovely spot.

A mile or two up the road, I spy a new-to-me apple tree at the edge of the woods, on a high bank above the road. I park the bike and clamber up for some photos.

The apple tree is just coming on to bloom:

Its beauty of blossom and bud, leaf and branch, is beyond words. The sight fills my soul with deep, quiet joy; like Anne of Green Gables, I can lay my hand on my breast and say "It just satisfies me here." (And like Annie of Knitsofacto, I can rejoice in a new apple tree on my mental map.)

At the foot of the apple tree grow some tiny, ghostly flowers which I've never seen before:

They grow on a tall stalk; I will look them up when I get home. (I forget completely to do this. Will have to identify them another time.)

Across the road the verge is literally carpeted with violets:

In a week or so there will be lilacs on this road as well. I do like Spring. :)

One last flower shot, of wild mustard vividly yellow against the pale blue sky:

A few miles later I'm home and feeling much more cheerful about being back on the bike.

Two rides - the first very uncomfortable, the second much better - both full of Spring loveliness. I am grateful.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. I am happy to hear that you are feeling better - in several areas. Now, on to the good kind of "stitches" in between your beautiful bike rides. I look forward to seeing more of both.

  2. So glad you're back on the bike, I hope you feel completely better very soon. I'm a huge fan of apple blossom as well, it's so pretty. I love this time of year in the countryside - beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your week. CJ xx

  3. Beautiful spring there! So many flowers, Talullah enjoyed the views :)
    It was getting hot in my city last week and then they forcasted -1 C.. and the trees were already blooming and some of my Mom's plants sprouted too... but then it seemed like freezing will not come. Hopefully.
    Have a nice day Mrs Micawber! Thansk for the photos which are refreshing my senses.

  4. So pleased you managed to get back on so fast - and sounds like Sunday was a great ride. certainly fantastic weather. Juliex

  5. Dear Sue,

    Oh dear, what have i missed whilst away from home and computer, Oh deary me. I am so sorry to read that, clearly, you have had an accident and I am so very glad to read that you are on the mend. Spring is most certainly the best season for the healing of the mind and body - it's kind of weird to see all your blooms and VIOLETS like a pleasant rewind of our now finished spring.

    I recall many many moons ago falling from my bike on a busy main road after being hit by a car. I was so reluctant to get back in the saddle and so very wobbly once on it too. Don't you think it's amazing how the mind deals with trauma?

    Take good care of yourself dear Sue. And please don't bend to low to sniff those violets. Get off your bike first! :-)

  6. How lovely to discover all the beauties of spring on a bike ride. I love that red barn and all the blossom.
    I had to scroll back a bit to see why you had stitches in your arm. Thankfully, you are on the mend and were so lucky to have such kind people around you at the time.

  7. Wonderful pictures, glad you're able to ride again, I was worried about Tallulah, was she injured in your accident?

  8. Yay! You are back on the bike! So glad the rides are getting easier...and that you are getting better. :) Love, love, love all the pretty photos of the lovely things along your bike path. I agree with Miss T....dandelions are flowers, too! Looking forward to more adventures.

  9. I'm glad you are back on your bike AND back taking beautiful pictures. Have a very happy spring with many lovely miles!

    Love the picture of Tallulah with the dandelion.

  10. I worried so much that it would take longer than it has for you to be able to enjoy riding again. Kudos on your determination and cheerful outlook! And congratlations for two rides, back to back, and two beautiful days to go with! You've made me think perhaps my mystery bush on the side of my house is a service berry...

  11. Beautifu such lovely photo's, I'm glad you have managed to get back on your bike so soon but please take it slowly. x

  12. Glad you and T. are back on the bike. The hardest part is over….just keep pedaling

  13. Just lovely, truly! Those apple blossoms!
    Now, don't be surprised to be a bit shaky and weepy after your injury, that is very common! Listen to me, I am a doctor, you know! (Ha! In my MIND, anyway!) Still, I have a wisdom that the very intelligent seem to discern, I know that would be you. xx

  14. You know, I lost control on a motor scooter once, fell off, and conked my head. For days I was troubled even walking. Every time I shifted from a--before unnoticeable-level to another, my body involuntarily flinched--like reacting to falling again. Go slow. It gets better.

  15. I am so sorry that the first day was a rough ride for you. I am happy that Sunday was better. I hope it is a new beginning of riding season for you. The pictures are beautiful.

  16. I'm glad you're doing better and that you had the chance to ride twice. I'm glad Sunday's ride was more pleasant for you. I love these photos, it looks like Spring has really arrived there. Enjoy.

  17. I am glad you are back on your bike as uncomfortable as it is you are doing hte right thing, jumping back on that horse so to speak. Love Wisconsin in the Spring.

  18. Glad to hear things are getting better! Beautiful flowers. =)

  19. From one apple tree finder to another ... so glad to read that you're back on your bike. Of course you felt wobbly and trepidatious at first (yes spellchecker, trepidatious is a word) but how could that last long with the whole wide wonderful world to before your wheels x

  20. You did it! Good girl. All the best for the following rides.


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