Monday, May 5, 2014

Now This Is More Like It ... Two Sunny Rides

After a week of grey skies and general gloom, we were getting a bit desperate for some solar therapy. On Saturday, we (finally) woke to glorious blue skies and sunshine. What a lift to the spirits! No wonder the ancients worshipped the sun.

Though a busy weekend was planned, with relatives visiting from out of town, I was able to ride both Saturday and Sunday, and take a few photos along the way.

~ ~ ~

Such a relief to see white clouds floating serenely in a sea of heavenly blue:

And the first tree leaves are out! The yearly miracle has once more occurred. It's so windy I have to hold the branch to get any kind of clear photo:

Though this tree doesn't look anything like my idea of a willow, the leaves are decidedly willow-like, so I conclude it must be a member of the Salix genus. (I've been reading my tree book lately in an effort to get beyond oaks and maples.)

The sheep are out, too, at the farm up the road - the first I've seen of them this year.

The lambs are a good size already, and seem happy to be out in the sun with their dams, who bleat cheerfully as I pass.

The rest of the ride is spent in climbing short hills and fighting a stiff headwind on the way home. Wind notwithstanding, any ride under skies like these is a good one.

~ ~ ~

Sunday I ride over to the next town for a family lunch at my dad's apartment. (Dad is finally home again after several more weeks in hospital and rehab.)

My route lies along the river, which is pretty high at the moment. Many trees are up to their waists in water:

On the way home I stop for a look at this huge old willow:

Though its trunk is split and gnarled with age...

...a delicately lovely canopy of  leaves falls like a fountain from its branches.

The catkins and leaves are the freshest pale green, blushing faintly at their tips:

If winter is the price we must pay for such sights as these, I think it's worth it.

Two good rides under sunny skies, with the promise of more to come.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Beautiful pictures!

    Our weekend began quite soggy, but Sunday was glorious. Unfortunately, that meant spending the day in the yard trying to get the grass, bushes and palms back under control. LOL All that rain really made everything grow!

  2. I always like the first tender green leaves, fresh air, white clouds... aww, I can breath now.
    thanks for taking us along Mrs. Micawber. Glad to know your father is doing better.

  3. Lovely pictures....the sky is such a perfect blue. :) Yay! that your Dad is come again. That is good news! Wishing you a lovely day filled with many blessings.

  4. Beautiful blue skies! Great pictures. Looking forward to almost 70 on Thursday?
    I was stuck inside most of this past Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday, but it was still wonderful to have that sunshine!!

  5. Yippee for blue skies and no layers! (assumption on my part, but you know what I mean...) So glad your dad is back at home and that you're able to get in rides again, especially sunny rides! Won't be long before you'll be ready for your first century!

  6. These are such beautiful spring views. You must be so happy to get out there and ride in warmer weather. I'm glad for you.

  7. Yes, we needed sun! My poor tomatoes are having solar therapy right now. :)))

  8. What a good plan, cycling to your dad's and the lunch - I guess that's the best way to try and fit it in. So good to see some sun. Juliex

  9. Beautifu.l pictures. So happy that you had nice weather for riding over the week end.
    Saturday was beautiful here and Sunday was a bit chilly but mostly sunny. Early Sunday morning I met with several of my cousins to participate in the MS Walk 2014. WE haven't done one in a while, but My cousin Karen who had MS would have been 70 this year so we "celebrated". Nothing like your looong ride but walking for a cause. Have a good week.

  10. Your rides were great, as always. Thanks for sharing your photos. Glad to hear that your dad is back home. Our weekend was spent getting rid of all the weeds that took over our yard while we were away. But I love these cool mornings outside. They will end soon, so glad all of my flower and veggie bed are in order. Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  11. So glad Spring has finally arrived.
    Hugs to you,

  12. way too cool here. Lake breezes from Lake michigan do that all spring typically.
    I had a stomach thingy too and ended up canceling volunteering plans. BUt its all behind me now
    Love your farm pictures

  13. Beautiful willows, they have to be among my favourite trees. Yesterday I stumbled across a rare Llangollen Whitebeam, so rare they only grow in one valley. Aren't trees just the most amazing things!

    So glad to read that your Dad's back home Sue x

  14. The willow is a nice tree, there is a small one across the bridal path path near the pond and when the light is just right it reflects on the water.


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