Thursday, June 30, 2011

Berry Ripe

This morning I picked strawberries at the farm just outside town.  Take a look at these...

I wish you could smell them - all 14.97 pounds of them.

Their syrupy, seductive scent fills the kitchen and front room.

And speaking of berries...

...the mulberry tree behind the house is just starting to drop its fruit.

And the wild black raspberries in the little copse are coming along nicely.  Another week or so, and we'll have black caps:

I feel rich.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. You have a Mulberry tree and wild raspberries? How lucky you are!

  2. You don't say what you will make with all those luscious berries!!!

    We had too many late freezes, so I probably won't get much more than two blueberries this year, well except for the strawberry plants I kept inside...

  3. Thanks Toffeeapple - I only just discovered the mulberry tree last year, although we've lived here 7 years! It doesn't bear much, but we get a few bowlfuls from it. The wild black raspberries are smaller than regular rasperries, and not as heavenly tasting, but pretty good nonetheless. Not too many of those either, but I pick all I can and usually manage to freeze a quart if I'm lucky.

    Deb - I don't make jam or anything from the strawberries. I freeze most of them and then enjoy them the rest of the year. We have a lot of strawberry smoothies for dessert on hot summer nights.

  4. Wow, those strawberries look good! I think we may try to go pick some ourselves today, I fancy making some jam.


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