Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake for Brunch

These are the days of grace and favour - the sun is shining, the weather has FINALLY warmed up, and the planter garden has begun to yield more than just chives.  Did I mention that the local strawberries are ripe?  Ah, June.

Strawberries cry out for shortcake, and a proper shortcake, as everyone knows, contains very little sugar.  It is, therefore, a perfectly acceptable breakfast food - nay, even praiseworthy, if made (as is mine) with some whole wheat flour and oatmeal for added fibre.  (I do love cake for breakfast.  But I try not to have it too often. Moderation in all things is a worthy goal.)

Yesterday morning, having strawberries on hand, I whipped up a shortcake along with some cream to form half of a scrumptious brunch.

Woman does not live by shortcake alone;  some protein is necessary for a balanced meal.  Eggs scrambled with herbs and goat cheese would fill the bill nicely.  A quick step out the door to choose the herbs...

"Pick me!  Pick me!" the basil said, elbowing out the lemon thyme.  I longed for tomatoes, but... everything there is a season, and it's not tomato season yet.

Basil, chives and regular thyme made the cut. Stripped and snipped and chopped into a bowl of crumbled goat cheese, they were shortly swirled into the eggs.

Meanwhile, the strawberry shortcake, in all its glory of ruby juice and sweet ethereal cream, was waiting on the plate:

Shortcake, meet eggs.  Eggs, meet shortcake.

They got along just fine.

We carried them outside to eat on the lawn.  The sky was deeply blue, dotted with occasional clouds. The wind sang in the trees. The birds sang too, from the little copse behind the house.

It was a smashing brunch.

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  1. Oh yum, I'm coming round for breakfast at yours!

  2. You have made me feel very hungry - I need to go and find a cup of tea - it's 4.30pm here, and tea should be at 4, so I am a bit overdue!

    Pomona x

  3. I'm with Andamento... I'll be over tomorrow for breakfast. think I can pedal that far?!?

    I've had three ripe tomatoes so far. The beefstake was the size of a large marble, and the Roma tomatoes looked like grape tomatoes. But they tasted delicious!

  4. Come one, come all. Deb - you could have pedalled here in June. It's only 1000 miles and you've done that this month!

  5. I am coming over right now.

    All of it looks delicious and you've inspired me to get my act together and get a a garden going even though I know it's late, late, late, but hey, I am in 3 season California.

  6. I agree with all of the above, it does look delicious! My course work is a Knit and Design course I am doing. Do you have a big vegetable garden? Mine is all in tubs.

  7. Lolly - you seasonally spoiled Californian - go ahead with that garden. I think your tomato season is something ridiculous like October through May. Or is that pansies?
    Gail - no garden at all. Just a few planters outside the front steps, and a little piece of ground about 2' x 4' I carved out of the side lawn (if we owned instead of renting, I'd have a huge garden). And herbs in tubs.

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog, but am so very glad I did. This post was wonderful and inspiring. I'm looking forward to reading more in the future.


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