Saturday, September 24, 2011

Changing of the Seasons

I have not the decorating gene - which means that our furniture rarely gets rearranged, and our décor stays more or less the same for years on end. (My attitude is, if you like something, why change it?) Considering the annual income, this is probably a good thing.

But I do like to change out some of my mini wall quilts to reflect the changing seasons. So today I said goodbye to this patriotic little number, which goes up in June and stays up until the September equinox...

...and replaced it with this goldy-brown and leafy wall hanging:

In the porch, a flowery, spring-and-summer-toned mini quilt...

...was taken down and sent back into the closet for its long winter sleep, to make way for this flannelly folk bunny quiltlet.

I could have cleaned the windows today, but this was much more fun.

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  1. I do very little changing either. Perhaps a couple of things on my chest of drawers change colour but that is all. You mini quilts are pretty, did you make them?

  2. I love changing things around. Seasonal decorating is a mini passion of mine. The temps here have lowered and it's taking all my energy not to go to the garden center to pick up some colorful mums. I too think your mini quilts are lovely. XXOO.

  3. Did you make the quilts??? They are lovely!

    I don't move furniture around much, but I have so many craft magazines from decades and decades ago, I do have to circulate them. And I love decorations. When the flowers die, it's time to put up lights!

  4. Thanks all. Yes, I made them years ago.


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