Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Damp Grey Ride and the Three Great Things

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Scarlet leaves on a barbed-wire gate
Cloudy aster dusting the verge
Grumble and growl of thunder in the east

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today's ride was necessarily short - squeezed in between a morning of solid rain and an afternoon of thunderstorms - and punctuated by a nagging cough which I HOPE will soon be gone. Temperatures were in the 50s and the skies were cloudy and grey. Tights and jacket are de rigueur on a day like this.

Since autumn is irrevocably here, I can stop dreading it and start enjoying it, while appreciating the relics of summer - a solitary clump of Queen Anne's Lace which has somehow survived the near-frost; lilac hedges still lush and leafy green; the last of summer's sunshiny flowers, heliopsis and goldenrod, which are fast disappearing from the landscape.

Around town a few sugar maples have already turned gold and red; just outside of town I see this vine draped over a small tree. Virginia creeper?

I love the yellow and the cool blue-green leaves in this next shot.

Faded barn against a grey sky.

I have to stop and get a picture of this grapevine on a barbed-wire gate. Such a beautiful colour. I wonder where that driveway leads?

As I take this close-up, I hear the faraway crump of thunder in the east. I hope it holds off until I get home.

Bright red asparagus seeds hanging like ornaments. The silvery twigs on the left contribute to the Christmas-y feel.

Look at the glorious lavender aster. I never noticed until today that the centers turn rose-coloured.

A cloud of aster with glimpses of red leaves behind.

The corn is nearly dry, but the grass is still green and lush.

The thunder is getting louder and closer. Time to stop taking pictures and head home, or we may have a crispy cyclist on our hands.

Around the bend, one last shot of the lowering skies, then all out for home. The rain started soon after, but I had just a few miles left and barely got wet.

When I got back, Mr. M asked me, "What could you take pictures of on a day like this?"  "Little things," I replied. The world is still full of beauty, even on a dark cloudy day.

A good ride, though short.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Hi Sue,

    A lovely post. I like "grey" weather.

    My real name is Astri Elisabeth but I go by Liz or Lizzie, but today you can call me "mud" for the mix-up on your name. :-)

  2. So true! The world is full of beauty and I love the way you are determined to enjoy autumn now it is here.

    Positive thinking rules, my dear.

    We are having an indian summer here. It is truly amazing. Yesterday we went to the Chaumont Garden Festival which was so inspirational. Chaumont is one of the chateaux overlooking the Loire river.

    I almsot felt as if we were on holiday yesterday. Magical.

    I hope you cough clears up soon.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your photos of your ride. I find that there is always something beautiful to see, even on the most unlikely looking of days or routes.Love your Autumn leaf shots.

  4. I like the pictures, the grape vine wrapping its self around the gate. We are supposed to be having a heat wave this week, then there is word of an early winter...snow in October possibly. As I sit here and sniffle and sneeze with a cold the sun is shining.

  5. I hope you cough goes soon Sue. Sipping hot water can help.

    I didn't know that Asparagus had red seed heads, I like it so much when I learn something, thank you.

    The shock of the Asters is amazing after the other colours. Thank you for sharing your bike ride, I'd never get out if it wasn't for you and Andamento...

  6. Even on a grey day you find sunshine on your ride!! :)

    And your prose is once again, lovely!!

    Whenever I get sick it's the cough that is always the last to weeks later!! So, I can entirely sympathize....and I send hugs!! :)

  7. Your close-ups are so wonderful. I could just sit and stare at the leaves. I think a little rain now and again is good for the soul. And it forces me to wash the bike...

    I, too, hope the cough goes away!

  8. Thanks gals! The cough is v...e...r...y slowly diminishing. I feel like a wimp. It was just a cold.


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