Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Frost Warning ~ a Lament

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                    Mournful the day
when first the dreaded socks from out the drawer
are ta'en to clothe my naked toes. O June!
O happy sandalled August and July!
O blessèd months of barefoot bliss, by cold
September winds displaced, farewell. Farewell.
Sweet summer warmth, farewell.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Have you seen some of the crochet slipper and sock patterns out there? Very tempting to tempt Old Man Winter.

  2. Oh, you must have dipped a tiny foot into winter... We had to bring in the tomatoes and peppers last night. About 1,500 feet higher, they got SNOW!!!

    Love your poem!

  3. Lolly - yes. Last winter I made crochet slippers for myself and Mr. M. They were wonderful - like wearing a little afghan on the feet. We wore them so much the soles eventually disintegrated.

    Deb - yes, we had temps in the 30s the other night and I had to cover my tomatoes and basil. Also had to wear socks to work for the first time in months - hence the tragic lament. I hate giving up sandals every fall.

  4. K, seriously. What are you not good at???? All my poetry is a bit Cat in the Hat-ish!!! lol!!! I think this is fantastic!!!

    We've probably got another month or more of warmth with the potential for real heat mixed in. But I am looking forward to cozy weather...slippers, jackets, scarves, coats, boots....something different, you kinow??

  5. Yes, I understand your lament. It feels as if autumn has arrived earlier than usual for us this year.

    Actually I love the poetry of autumn and winter; it is just a shame one is always catching colds and other viruses too!

  6. I wore socks for the first time on Friday and I was so sad. So sad!!!


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