Friday, September 30, 2011

Maple Leaf Motif

I'm still playing around with the outside-in concept of crochet motifs, and here's the latest iteration: a quick, fun little maple leaf. Mine measures about 5 1/2" across and was made with a size N hook and some leftover super-chunky yarn. (Leftover from what, you ask? Why, the next pattern, of course. All will be revealed in tomorrow's post.)

This motif would make a cute adornment for a fall gift. And I happen to know it looks great on the ends of an autumn scarf...

Any yarn should work, with the appropriate size hook.

LOOSELY chain 7. Do not turn.

Working in back loops only, single crochet in
next chain from hook, hdc, double crochet,
double crochet. First lobe made. (You will
have 2 chains hanging off the end of the first lobe.
They'll get used later.)

Loosely chain 5...

And repeat above steps to make next lobe
(sc, hdc, dc, dc - all in back loops only).
Make 3 more lobes for a total of 5. They will
look like a little strip of bunting.
Chain 2. Do not turn.

See the holes between each lobe? That's where
your hook will be going.

Yarn over, and insert hook into first hole...

Pull yarn through, then yarn over and pull through
2 loops on hook. You will have 2 loops left.

Repeat with next 3 holes. Now you should have
6 loops on your hook. Insert hook into 1st chain
(way over there on the left)...

Yarn over, and gently pull yarn through all loops on hook.
We have a leaf!

Chain as many stitches as you like to make a stem.
I wove the starting yarn up through my chain.
If you start with a long enough tail you can
double it up with your working yarn and chain
with both strands. (Now she tells us!)

Happy autumn.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Oh I love your tutorials so I am really excited about this one! Thank you.

  2. I, too, appreciate your tutorials. Thank you so much.

  3. Interesting. I like how you've made this. Another two or three more points and it would make a nice star, would that work? Thanks for sharing your pattern, most generous.

  4. Thanks all!

    Anne - it started out months ago as an attempt to make a star. I couldn't get one that pleased me, so set it aside. Since then the technique has morphed into a loopy belt, a flowery scarf, and now back to a motif with points. Perhaps I'll reach the star yet. :)

  5. This is fantastic. I love little motifs.

  6. I saw this on my phone while I was out of town, and now I see some of the inspiration that went into the scarflet. Had no clue when all I could see was the motif!

    (And for whatever reason, I can no longer comment on blogs from my phone. What's up with that?!?)

  7. Hi Sue, this is a very beautiful pattern that's so easy to follow. Do you mind if I use your picture? I chose your pattern as my Pick of the Week from the new patterns in CPC this week. Let me know if you mind. It will be up this Saturday.

  8. Thanks very much, Moira. Feel free to use it (as long as it links back here, which I am sure it will).

  9. Entrei para conhecer o seu cantinho , adorei tudo que vi parabéns.
    Quando poder vai conhecer o meu sera um prazer .
    Beijos tenha uma ótima semana.

  10. i love this tutorial..was trying hard to find the simplest yet beautiful maple leaf..thanks love!

  11. Hello Sue,

    I must say... I have been looking everywhere for a pattern on how to crochet a maple leaf in order to add on my nearly finished Crochet project. I wanted to ask you something, do you have a facebook account or a google+ account? I am asking because I make crochet tutorial videos on YouTube and I would like to share your name and pattern on my video.Let me know at

  12. Muy fácil la explicación,, gracias por subir las fotos y compartir,, si no hablamos el mismo idioma asi es mas fácil :)

  13. Lindos seus trabalhos! parabéns pelo capricho!

  14. Very cute! So clever & quick to make up! Thank you for sharing!

  15. So easy.precise instructions are very helpful

  16. love your leaf tutorial; I made one and will try it again with a different yarn for a free style fantasy fall wall hanging I am working on,


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