Friday, October 7, 2011

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

Last weekend's freezing nights have catapulted us into peak autumn colour. Trees are decked with scarlet and gold and bronze, all glowing under brilliant October skies. Daytime temps have risen to the 70s, a boon for those last lingering as-yet-unripened tomatoes and squash.

Saturated with beauty and warmth all week long, we invariably greet each other with the words, "Isn't the weather great?"

These pictures were taken yesterday, on my walks to and from work.

The church on the corner, with one of the many spectacularly-tinted sugar maples that surround it:

Brightness falls from the air...

...the loveliness is almost unbearable.

Heart of a maple.

After work, I walk to the bank, which has burning bushes just outside the door.

All the treasure's not in the bank. Behind it are golden lace and azure sky...

...with dark filigreed branches below.

Nature is throwing a party. She's hung out her bunting on this wire behind a repair garage.

At home in the little copse, looking up through three trees.

Oak leaves (and acorns) in the front yard. Busy as the squirrels have been, they've still got some work ahead of them.

Source of the leaves and acorns, the stubborn old oak is still hanging on to thoughts of green summer.

This is the crown of the year.

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  1. Such beauty Sue, such beauty. I love the bunting analogy.

  2. Beautiful photos. What dramatic colours you have around you. It's all a bit brown and grey here.

  3. Spectacular. The one with the church is my favorite, but oh, how I love seeing backlit reddish orange leaves against a blue sky! You've got some astounding color!

  4. Ah, nature's bunting and that church tree picture...breathtaking. Much gratitude sent your way for sharing these incredible photos.

  5. The church steeple shot reminds me of the movie "The Witches of Eastwick." Terrific photo.


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