Monday, October 31, 2011


Why is it so fun to dress up? Maybe it's the fantasy element, or perhaps just the break from routine. I'm lucky enough to work with a very merry bunch of gals, and several of us wore costumes today to celebrate Halloween.

My sartorial goal was "lady pirate", so I went to the closet and pulled out a rose-coloured flared skirt. The plan was to pin it up on one side to reveal a second (linen) skirt underneath. I pulled some lace out of the sewing stash and tacked it to the bottom of the linen skirt to give it that petticoatish air (no time to tea-dye the lace, I'm afraid):

A trip to the thrift shop yielded a black belt with ornate buckle, and a plaid cotton skirt I could cut up and use as a sash/baldric for my deadly cardboard blade:

Every pirate needs an aluminum foil dagger

I even made a nifty little rosette (which naturally included a bit of crochet) which I tacked to the top of the side-bustle on the skirt. (I was not born with the embellishing gene so this rosette was a real stretch for me).

Add a gauzy white blouse (also from the thrift shop), a few pairs of earrings, and some black boots from the closet, and there you have it.

Did I say lady pirate? Looks more like Rob Roy disguised as a schoolmarm. But that's okay. A good time was had by all.

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  1. You make a lovely lady pirate. :) Home crafted costumes are the best!

  2. Too pretty an outfit to be a pirate! I go for Rob Roy's lady friend.

    Pomona x

  3. Excellent costume!!! I'd say it was really cute, but that doesn't really seem to work with a I'll go with Arrgghh, that's a fine costume Mrs. M!! :)

  4. More creative than me! I stuck cobwebs all over my bike, my desk plants, my computer, my hair and my water bottle, and I wore spiders. My bike wore spiders. Alas, some character from Glee won...

    I like your pirate outfit!


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