Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Necklace for Judy's Sister

My friend Judy's sister has a birthday coming up, and in Judy's world no birthday is complete without a gift of jewelry. Consequently, my dining table has been covered with beads most of the week - the necklace and earrings took their time coming together. Botswana agate is a lovely stone, but so visually busy that embellishment and additions have to be kept to a minimum. One doesn't want to compete with those dramatic striations and variations.

Judy chose the Botswana agate, and suggested pearls and rose quartz as accent stones, but the Jewelry Muse, after watching me toy with said stones, decided that garnet and rhodochrosite would be a better option. (Luckily Judy understands that a Jewelry Muse must be obeyed.)

The Muse did, however, let me indulge Judy's taste for long, involved earrings. This pair is as feminine and dangly-droppy as she could wish. (Let's hope her sister feels the same.)

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  1. I normally don't wear necklaces, but I love earrings. These are beautiful. The silver flowers are lovely. I'm sure she will love them.

  2. The jewelry muse must be obeyed at all costs...and if so, beautiful results like this are produced. Very nice!

  3. Those are gorgeous. Hmmm, jewelry muse. I like the sound of that. I wonder if I could be the thread muse...

  4. What don't you do well??? I am certain she'll love it! I do!! I'm not a big jewelry person, but when I am I love things like this that are so simple and elegant!! You talented woman, you!! :)


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