Saturday, October 22, 2011


A birthday was celebrated in the Micawber household this week - whether mine or Mr. M's I leave to your deductive powers. Here are some of the gifts the lucky birthday person (ahem) received....

Books upon books. I don't know how Mr. M feels about Tudor-era personalities, but I find them fascinating and will certainly enjoy the biography of Mary Boleyn. Those botanical guides will come in quite handy for identifying the odd tree and wildflower. (They're even small enough to fit in a cycling jersey pocket.) And all lovers of Baroque music can do with a music dictionary, if only to translate the names of concerto movements.

Next we have a lovely warm and slinky 100% merino wool undershirt, and a lacy ruffly scarf in - quelle surprise! - my favourite colours. The shirt's a bit small for Mr. M, and he doesn't do ruffles ... it looks as though the birthday evidence is beginning to mount up in my favour.

Some rhodochrosite earrings - definitely NOT Mr. M's style. I guess I'll have to wear them.

There was also some Green & Black's chocolate (Toffee Bars, to be precise) which a piggish member of the household, who shall remain nameless, gobbled up shamefully quickly (having no self-control whatsoever when it comes to that particular chocolate bar), leaving not even a wrapper behind to feature in the photos.

Quite an embarras de richesses. But wait ... there's more.


Yes, you read that right. A few posts back, I happened to mention Pomona of Little Cottage Comforts and her frequent generous giveaways. Having entered the most recent one, with no hope whatsoever of winning (she's got a very popular blog), imagine my delight upon being informed that mine was the lucky name drawn! I am to receive an extremely fun and useful product called Sugru - a sort of grown-up Play-Doh that cures into a strong, flexible material, suitable for all sorts of cool applications. (Click here to read Pomona's description and to see what she did with it. Click here to see her novel method of conducting a giveaway drawing.)

There may be frost on the ground outside, but my heart is full of warmth and gratitude. All in all, it's been a Very Good Week.

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  1. What lovely gifts to receive, lucky lady.

  2. I am so, so glad that it has been a good week for you, and the birthday presents look wonderful - especially the Alison Weir book, and I am with you on the Green & Black's!

    Pomona x

  3. Weeeeellll, I'll go out on a limb and go with my original deduction that it was Your Birthday!! :)

    Such lovely gifts for a lovely person!!! No shame on the chocolate bar, we've all been there!!! It's nice to know you were so blessed throughout your special week!! :)


    A lovely haul of presents, how kind Mr Micawber is.

  5. Oh, happy, happy birthday to you! I wish you all the best for the glorious year to follow.

    Your stash of books looks JUST up my street. I am, incidentally, a total baroque music fanatic.

    Isn't Pomona wonderful? I am so glad you won the giveaway.

  6. Did the G & B draw so quickly in order to win a duel?

  7. happy birthday! your husband has wonderful taste in gifts. happy to have found your fantastic blog and wish you many more years of happiness!

  8. What a great haul! Make sure to seal those field guides in plastic bags before you stick them in the rear pocket... don't think they'd fit where you managed to stuff the camera when the rolling got damp... :)


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