Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Time is running past on swift feet. It seems I just sat down to write last week's Cheerful post, and here I am again, linking up with Planet Penny to spread a little sunshine.

1. Speaking of the sun, how glad we were to see it Monday after several days of damp grey gloom. And what a lovely rosy light it cast last night upon the clouds as it sank into the west, giving way to a young moon. Here's how it looked from our living room window:

Seeing the headlights on those cars somehow made me feel very warm and cozy and glad to be home. And cheerful!

2. More warm coziness: hot soup on a cold night. To up the cheerfulness ante, corn muffins with butter and honey.

3. And a very important reason to be cheerful: my sister, who celebrates a birthday this week. (She's older than I by nearly eight years.) She tells me that after being the only girl in the family for the first part of her life, she sat down and cried for joy when informed of the birth of a baby sister (me). When I was 3, she taught me to read - probably the most precious gift she could ever have given me. A handful of years later, she was teaching me to sew, to knit, to crochet. (She re-taught me knitting when as an adult I had forgotten how.) We shared a room until she married - her half was always much cleaner than mine. When Mr. M and I moved to Wisconsin, my sister opened her home to us and gave us a place to stay until we could find jobs and get settled. She taught me to quilt, and we taught each other to bead. We both fell in love with Baroque music and fed each other's addiction by gifts of carefully-chosen CDs. Now we work together (and we still get along). I'm so grateful for my big sister and the cheer she has brought into my life.


Need a little more cheerfulness, or have some of your own to share? Hop over to Penny's for some blogging Buck-U-Uppo. (Does anyone else read P.G. Wodehouse these days? Now there's a man who cultivated sunny writing, and raised cheerfulness to a fine art.)

A very happy Wednesday to you.

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  1. Lights, soup (with muffins) and a kindred spirit for a sister - excellent reasons to be cheerful, indeed. Sending wishes of more sunshine your way.

  2. Oh what a lovely post...I love the view from your window in the pink early morning light and I had COMPLETELY forgotten about Buck-U-Uppo! In future that is the only drink for me!
    Thank you so much for joining in with Reasons to be Cheerful, you always make my day xxx

  3. What a beautiful sunset picture. How wonderful to have a sister to teach you and comfort you. I hope she enjoys her birthday.

  4. D'you know there is something about lights in colder is obviously a very scientifical (I know!) thing that lights seem to twinkle more in the winter.....cold air....travelling light? I soft in the head? So know what you mean about looking out on those headlights. Beautiful sky!

    Your soup and rolls sound lovely, I've rediscovered honey recently its yummy on toast with butter.

    Your sister sounds wonderful, and she obviously thinks your pretty wonderful too to do all that for you.

    Beautiful post, thanks!

  5. I love #3!!!! My sister is my best friend and your relationship with your sister sounds so much like mine!! :) There is just something special about connecting with a sister...they just _know_....:)

    Your soup looks yummy!! I love greens in soup...and not peas, but basil or spinach..something dark and kinda swirly!! :) Weird? Maybe, but it just looks pretty as yours does!!

  6. Happy birthday to your sister! I have an older and a younger and feel so blessed to have them!

  7. I had the very same reaction to the car lights in your beautiful photo! What a nice picture.

  8. What a lovely things you have to say about your big sister, more than enough reason to be cheerful for sure. Love your photo of the moon and sunset...gorgeous!


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