Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Use for a Mesh Bag

This is the time of year we buy bags and bags of oranges. I hate to throw the mesh bags away -  they're so stretchable and seem as if they must be good for something besides holding oranges.

Some people scrunch them up and use them to scrub pots (but I already have a stash of crocheted net scrubbies). Others store beach toys or bath toys in them (my beach and bath toys are generally books - which I prefer to carry in a cloth bag). One website suggested using the mesh bags as strainers - although I can't quite picture what I would strain through them. And one very good suggestion was to re-use them - at the grocery store or farmer's market - to carry food.

It struck me today that the mesh bag looked remarkably like a hairnet. Which gave me this idea:

I could use it to store yarny works-in-progress. It's just the right size for a skein or two; it keeps the yarn and the work tidy and safe; it allows me to keep the label with the work until the project is complete. No more yarn ends flopping loose; no more tangling of one project with another as they get jostled in my work basket.

What are your suggestions for re-using mesh bags?

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  1. What a great idea!

    Okay you asked for it: I think you could put it over your head to squish your face (kind of like a nylon, then scare Mr. M then take a photo and post it.) You are welcome to delete this comment. hehe.

  2. What a brilliant idea...especially as you can see at a glance what colours you have.

    Well played that girl!


  3. They make brilliant mini bird nets to protect young plants!

  4. Good idea, I have several balls of yarn that like to roll around the place, this would tie them down. And yes frames keep up poor, I'm constantly looking for sales, go to the flea market and yard sales. But I feel his paintings are worth it.

  5. My suggestion? Place it over Ella's head so she can't get to anything before everybody else does. I think it could work.

  6. What a great idea. I always thought that I could cut them up and mix up suet and birdseed, tie the little bundles with the mix in them and then hang them outside for the birdies.
    Have to admit that I have never done this and it may be a dumb idea!

  7. Good idea. I hate when my yarn gets tangled.


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