Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful in January

Old time is still a-flying - can you believe the year is already 12 days old? It will be spring before we know it. And right now it's time to link up with Planet Penny for our weekly review of happiness and cheer.

Speaking of spring, here in Wisconsin we've just finished enjoying (and feeling superstitious about) a week of warm, springlike weather. The sun shone, temperatures soared to 50 degrees, and I TOOK A BIKE RIDE! In JANUARY! I hadn't thought to be back on the road until March at least, but wonders never cease. What a glorious treat when I least expected it.

On the road again - if only for a day

But, however temporarily pleasant, warm dry winter weather does not help the fields to get their required levels of moisture for the coming crops. So I'm also cheerful that the dry ground of the last week has turned into...

...the snowy ground of today. About 4 inches of snow have fallen since last night, with a few more expected by Friday morning. Much more January-like.

Another reason to be cheerful:

A good pair of winter boots (which are barely visible under all that white stuff). These blue suede beauties, waterproof and sheepskin-lined, have kept my winter feet warm and dry for several years now -  and they look set to last for years more. Bought on clearance from Sierra Trading Post, they've been a great investment in cold-weather comfort and cheer (because it's hard to be cheerful with chilly ankles and wet feet).

I seem to have skipped right over my other reason to be cheerful, which happened between last Friday's bike ride and today's snow:

Glancing out the window the other night at just the right moment to see the evening star, framed by darkling pines, in a steel-blue sky that faded softly into palest apricot. Such beauty never fails to lift the spirits.


For a further dose of January cheer, head over to Planet Penny. She's got a knitted bunny guaranteed to bring a smile to any face. And if you'd like to contribute to the merriment, leave a happy comment there, or write a cheerful post of your own and link it up.

Here's to a comfortably warm and contented end-of-week for all.

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  1. It must be Zeitgeist ... everyone is posting about the sky! Brilliant that you finally have snow, I'm really quite envious.

  2. I think your snow started earlier or fell faster than ours. Love that last picture.

  3. Oh snow! I think we're going to miss out this year...I LOVE that last photo, magical!

  4. Mrs. Micawber! I am so glad to see you are cheerful this week! I was beginning to wonder. :) Love Sierra Trading Post, don't you? They have such good prices. (The Goatmother said that. I'm not much of a one for boots, myself. Although, maybe I ought to consider it.) Happy week!

  5. Please don't send snow here! Your sky looks lovely.

  6. I love a beautiful sky (have I said that before?!) Look at your snow, that a turnaround. We've had two days of cold crisp weather which is very welcome over the grey, mild and damp we have had. I don't think we will have snow this year which is probably just as well as it's always the same in our small town 'what's that White stuff?' hence no grit or provision and everyhin grinds to a'd think that they would learn!


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