Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hopelessly Outnumbered


then she coughs.
We share two phones,
two keyboards, and a
cribbed confinèd workspace.
Nor vitamins nor frequent
washing of the hands has quelled this
viral onslaught. Defeated by germs,
I raise the white Kleenex of surrender.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Oh no, so sorry. So difficult to avoid it.

  2. I am so sorry that you have the epizudik..however you spell that. It's not fair, damn.
    I do know that you are still able to write a lovely poem.
    Have a hot toddy and call me in the morning.
    Have two and call me tonight!
    Seriously, I hope that all will be well.

  3. I hope you will be well soon. Take care! and the kleenex box close by.

  4. Oh, I hate when that happens! Plenty of vitamin C, hot tea and rest!

  5. Oh my Dear! Colds this time of year, are...... AWFUL. Last Jan., Feb., and March, I had big-time-brochitis that was so hard to shake. -sigh-

    But this year, I have been taking Echanicia and it seems to be protecting me. So far. Course I hate to *say something like that, out loud.* Brrrrrrrrr... For fear, it will *trigger* some cosmic force and bring on the very thing, I am crowing about not having. -shivvvvvvvver-

    OK, make believe I never said that above.

    But do please start taking some Echanicia and get lots of rest.

    Gentle hugs...

    "Deep within the winter forest,
    among the snowdrifts wide,
    you can find a magic place
    where all the fairies hide..."

  6. Get better soon! (And the same to your co-worker - is that your sister?)

    Love the poetry. One of these days I'm going to have to try it!

  7. I second the Echinacea! Best is in tincture form - a dropperful in water 3x a day. Best when you first feel it coming on, but works to lessen it if you already are into the cold. Recently the Goatfather had a cold and by doing this, the Goatmother never got it. Has happened several times this way. Other thing is to get some ginger root. Slice some up and place in hot water (as you would tea) and let steep for at least 10 minutes before starting to drink. Then sip throughout the day. You can sweeten it if you like, but it really helps. The Goatmother convinced the ever-resistant-to-new Goatfather to do this, and his cold was over fairly quickly. Stay warm! Just can't have Mrs. Micawber sick!

  8. Poor you, drink lots and rest.


  9. I do hope that you won't get the seriously sore throat that I have presently. It is like swallowing razors. I do hope you recover swiftly.

  10. Oh dear, I do hope you feel better really soon x

  11. Thanks all! Unfortunately I can't take echinacea as it is related to ragweed, to which I am allergic. Vitamin D usually helps, but last time I took it I experienced a rather unpleasant side effect. So I'm using grapeseed extract, and it seems to be keeping the symptoms somewhat in check.

  12. Hello! Sorry to hear you're poorly, I'm hoping it's "just" a cold and doesn't develop into something even more unpleasant.
    I'm afraid I've been very rude recently - I've been visiting but not commenting. Just in a rush, not a very good excuse really. Hope to see you back on form soon. Are you still well enough to crochet?


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