Friday, January 6, 2012

Stealing a March on Spring

...or perhaps I should say on March. After two days of oddly spring-like weather and melting ice, today was so temptingly warm (in the 40s!) that I was able to do something completely unforeseen.

And so, without further ado (drumroll please)...

Three Great Things About Today's Ride

Taking a ride in January
Taking a ride in January
Taking a ride in JANUARY!

(Perhaps less poetic than my usual cycling effusions, but accurately reflecting the sheer joy of being on the road.)

What matter the snowy verges?

The ice-edged ponds?

The leaden ceiling of northern clouds?

These could not damp the Micawber enthusiasm. All that mattered was being able to ride when I least expected it - and visiting all the dear old spots.

Hello, picturesque willows-by-winding-stream...

Icy brook with bridge...

...(and bridge with icy brook).

How are you, favourite bend in the road? I didn't think to see you again until March.

Hello, unused silo...

...and romantic tumbledown vine-covered shed.

Beautiful corner of maples and marsh, how have you been?

Here linger the flowery ghosts of summer - Queen Anne's Lace which flourished even into late autumn in this sheltered spot. (Shots inspired by Anne.)

Red berries now hang over dark water where once the maples burned.

The berries may look warm, but the day is drawing in. Temperatures are falling and it's time to head home. (Happy sigh.)

A damp, chilly, wonderful ride.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Fantastic! I loved the icy brook photos, the red berries and your favourite bend.

    It's looking like I should get out for a ride again tomorrow morning. In the previous 2 years (since keeping a blog and also since doing a weekly cycle - one promotes the other) I've only managed one January ride right at the end of the month, so it seems a bonus for me too.

  2. Wonderful! You are are one ahead on the 'Cheerful' stuff! :) What are the red berries hanging over the water? Hawthorn? Rose hips?

  3. Lovely photos! Gosh it does look cold with the snow and ice!

  4. Rather you than me in that kind of temperature! I enjoyed your pictures though.

  5. What a beautiful ride!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. A wonderful winter ride indeed. And such gorgeous, evocative pictures ... I feel as if I were right there alongside you. I just wish we had a touch of winter here so I could take a ride of my own. Instead we have gloom and damp and chill but no proper sharp cold. I long for frost and snow just now! I'm crazy, I know.

  7. Sue, I love your enthusiasm for seeing all your old haunts, places you didn't think you would see for a few more months; and in your hellos, I could hear George Bailey's joyful voice: Hello, Bedford Falls! Hello, you old Building and Loan!

    So glad you, too, are having the mild weather, and that you got a ride in. Thanks for taking us along!

  8. You've inspired me once again. I haven't like dismounting when riding when it's as cold and windy as it's been the last few weeks, so I haven't taken the big camera, and the iPhone requires exposed flesh, so I haven't been using it, either. Now I think I'm going to have to shoot AND ride when I try to get in my February 60-miler!!!

    I especially love your willows-by-the-winding-stream shot! I could go have a picnic there!

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