Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Necklace for Judy's Sister

This is the second of my friend Judy's spring jewelry commissions...

...a necklace and earrings for her sister C's birthday. For this project, Judy chose smoky quartz, rose quartz, and amazonite strands from her stash, and told me to use whatever silver I thought appropriate. (She had a goodly supply of square Bali spacers, so I stacked them in threes for a bit of textural contrast.)

C's birthday was actually in March - and I believe Judy already sent her a gift - so this will be a belated birthday surprise.

A very soft and feminine colour combination.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Lovely...

    "Among the changing months,
    May stands confest
    The sweetest,
    and in fairest colors dressed"

    ~James Thomson

  2. It's lovely and I think that the pale blue really lifts it! love the squares as well! Joan

  3. It's gorgeous Sue. Beautiful, subtle colour palette and great textural contrast. Kudos!

  4. I love the different shades. I don't wear much jewelry, but I could actually see myself wearing something similar to this. Very lovely!

  5. The colors are so soft and pretty. I like the pop of blue. I also like that you stacked the silver spacers. I never think to do that. Great pieces.


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