Thursday, May 17, 2012

Strange Comings and Goings

It would seem there are dark doings in the depths of Blogger. (Cue the sinister music.)

For over a week now, my reading list, in whole or in part, has been disappearing and re-appearing rather like the Cheshire Cat.

"I wish you wouldn't keep appearing
and vanishing quite so suddenly;
you make one quite giddy."
Alice in Wonderland

It's rather disconcerting to sign in, looking forward to catching up on my friends' doings, only to see this curt message: "You are not following any blogs". Sometimes signing out and back in will resolve it; at other times I have to shut down the browser and run CCleaner before I get back online to try again. (And sometimes I just have to wait until the next day.)

Even more annoying is the frequent disappearance from my reading list of someone I've followed for months (a blogger with four legs, black-and-tan fur, and a penchant for parody), whose blog, enjoyable at all times, is particularly riveting right now. I've had to "become a follower" of this same blog about 10 times in the last week.

What's up? Anyone else having these problems?

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  1. Dear Mrs. Micawber,
    Being of the Black and Tan variety and having four legs, well, I can tell you that this has happened to me in the past, although I haven't noticed it very recently. Although I did go back to the old dashboard until they choose to pry my hooves from it. I have considered going to WordPress, but alas, things being as they are right now, I haven't had the wherewithal to investigate it further. Our friend at Eden Hills seems to do rather well with it. Oy. Our lives are fraught with frustration and we DO NOT need it from Blogger, in my humble opinion.

  2. I haven't had that particular problem but sometimes when I've clicked on a link in my blogroll I do get an error message - forgotten which one as refreshing usually sorts it. It does seem a bit wibbly-wobbly (but not timey-wimey) at the moment. I'm still struggling with composing blog-posts at the moment. It's made me realise how unstructured I am in the way I write!

  3. Eh. And I thought it was my new computer. Thank you for sleuthing out the real problem for me so I don't feel as if my laptop was a wasted pretty penny...

    Today it's been unreal. Browsers failing every couple of minutes, rebooting, losing the subscriptions, rebooting, loosing my marbles...

  4. I've definitely missed a few posts when my blog reader didn't update, nothing more though.

  5. I know I entered a comment about your pennies and lace--which I love--and then it did not show up as posted. ?? We'll see what happens to this one. Test-test-

  6. I know I entered a comment about your pennies and lace--which I love--and then it did not show up as posted. ?? We'll see what happens to this one. Test-test-

  7. Me too, I commented on your blog post but it did not work. I find it V.E.R.Y annoying if anything does not work the way it is suppost do work. It makes me C.R.A.Z.Y.
    I can see that you are able to turn your mishap into something creative. I've never heard of the Cheshire cat.

  8. Yep- my readers list doesn't always appear on my dashboard. And notification of the posts of one friend who I have followed for years keep disappearing too.

    black arts indeed!!

  9. Have had the same problem, reloading usually helps. I just hate this new Blogger.

  10. Ack!! That would make me hyperventilate!!! I haven't noticed this in Google Reader but I haven't been able to be online much lately....probably a good thing as I dislike hyperventilating!!

  11. Speaking as a non-blogging blog reader - so far I have had no trouble but I wonder what will happen when I have to switch to the new look Google?

  12. It's all a puzzle to me, but then, I'm totally confused at times regarding my computer.

  13. I have had that happen a couple of time too. I have also had the random times when I am not able to comment on a blog. Strange happenings indeed.


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