Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Simplest Potato Wedges

I don't know if it's the weather or my time of life, but I've really been craving potatoes lately - specifically fries. (It's a good thing I don't own a deep-fryer, or I'd get into all sorts of dietary trouble.)

I could satisfy this craving by ordering fries from our local tavern (they make smashing burgers too). But it's cheaper and healthier - and almost as quick - to make potato wedges at home. Here's my minimalist method, designed to use as few dishes and utensils as possible:

Heat oven to 450º (if using convection, 425º).

Scrub 1 medium-to-large baking potato per person. (If it's been a particularly rough day, make extra.)

Cut the potatoes lengthwise, into eight wedges each, and line them up, cut side down, in your chosen pan.

Drizzle olive oil up and down the rows of cut potatoes.

Rub the cut side of each potato wedge on the oily pan, then flip it over (the potato, not the pan) and rub the other cut side. To speed up this step and exercise your brain, use both hands and do two slices at once.

Stand all the wedges up so that the skin is against the pan (this will keep them from sticking). Space them evenly, then sprinkle with your choice of seasonings - I like to use kosher salt, freshly ground pepper, and paprika.

Bake for 25-30 minutes until browned and slightly bubbled...

...then serve and enjoy. If you are a salt fiend and blessed with low blood pressure (as are Mr. M and I), bring the pan to the table so you can rub the potato wedges in the deliciously crunchy salt left behind.

Note: Any starch-induced guilt may be assuaged by filling the rest of your plate with salad.

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  1. Oh, swoon! They look mouthwateringly delicious. And comforting.

  2. When ever I let the students choose what they want to cook in class, some make potatoes like these. They love them so much. Me too! :-) I like them with rosemary. Or cumin, very Austrian.

  3. thanks for this recipe - I always wondered how to make these what temperature for oven etc so am def going to try these!

  4. Yum, we love wedges in this house too....your spuds are a good wedgey shape, whereas ours are shorter and more rotund, so they are not as satisfyingly wedge shaped as yours!

  5. They look so tasty...when did you say you were making them again? I think I'll be right round!!
    I love comfort foods. We went out to eat last night and instead of my usual healthy choice I had gammon, eggs and chips! Must be the cold wet weather...that's my excuse! Joan

  6. They do look tasty. I've not made them before, think I'll try them soon.

  7. Yummmm... Best way to enjoy *Fries*!!! :-)

    "Oh! yet
    Stands the church clock at ten to three?
    And is there honey still for tea?"

    ~Rupert Brooke

  8. Hmm, I had some extra baking potatoes left in the cupboard and was NOT going to make mashed again! LOL This will be perfect, and thanks for the clarification (potaoes over, not pan), elsewise I would have ended up with a floorful of taters! Cat would have been happy, I'm sure, but not so much the hubs! :)

  9. Oh, darn. I wanted to see you flip the pan. :) I bet this would be good with Sweet Potatoes too, huh? Or a few Peanuts sprinkled on top. I'm just sayin' ...

  10. I made these potatos for Mother's Day cookout and they were a hit. Everyone asked if there were more.


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