Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The "W" Word

If you've ever read some of my early posts, you'll know that I like to complain about the weather. Not all weather, but chilly, drippy, damp, grey, sunless weather. And since I only started blogging this March, there's an entire season of complaining ahead of me as ice, storms and Arctic cold begin to loom on the Wisconsin horizon (and have already hit some of our neighbours on the eastern seaboard).

It's November already. Which means December is NEXT MONTH. Which means - I'm bracing myself to say the dreaded word - Winter (gulp!) is upon us. (Cue the sinister music.)

Why this Eeyore-like attitude? Well, winter in Wisconsin means this...

(And it gets even colder in January)

and this...

and this.

Months of it. And then more months. (This year we got snow in April.)

I really need to remind myself that winter also means this:

and this:

and this.

Which is why I'm joining Silverpebble and Mrs. Thrifty Household (love that name!), and many other lovely bloggers, in "Making Winter". Their highly laudable aim is "to showcase all the wonderful things that winter has to offer" and to make winter fun with a variety of crafts, tutorials, blog hops, and beautiful pictures.

So hop on over to their blogs and join the fun. (Click here for Silverpebble. Click here for Mrs. Thrifty Household.) See you this winter!

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  1. Oh gosh. I don't like winter either and it doesn't even snow that much here. I can't stand the short days when it does snow, the whole country shuts down. Anyway, I like your Making Winter idea...maybe I can learn to embrace Winter too.

  2. A proper winter kills bugs, allows the earth to rest, makes your whole world look clean, gives the air a freshness that nothing else can do, and you simply cannot believe the beauty of a full moons light being reflected off a white world until you've seen it.
    Not to mention fluffy snow ice cream. A big bowl of fresh snow, with a tablespoon of sugar, and a teaspoon of real vanilla cut in. So good.
    I'm living in the tropics right now, and some days I dream of snow. You would too, if you realized how hard it is to keep away all the bugs, mold, etc. But I'm doing what you're doing, trying to bloom where I'm planted.

    Mary in Thailand

  3. I love this line "there's an entire season of complaining ahead of me". You make me laugh. :-D

  4. ^^^ That line made me laugh, too!!! :D

    I know your words and photography will capture this Winter so well that I'm planning to bundle up before I read new posts!! :)

  5. Hello! Thanks so much for joining in with us. Goodness, you have so much snow! Unbelievable. I hope our project helps things along where you are x

  6. Wow! I love your pictures! I shall be visiting you to see how you are getting on, I do like snow, it's the damp drippy darkness I hate most.

  7. I look forward to reading or your Wisconsin Winter, complaints and all.

  8. I was beginning to bellyache a bit, too, after our fourth blanket of white stuff so far this season, and then The Lizard reminded me it's only two more months until the days start getting longer!!! And I have tons of photos of warmth from my long weekends that will take me that long to post!

    I, too, look forward to your Making Winter!

  9. Wow - that's a lot of snow! I love snow, but perhaps that's a bit too much! Juliex


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