Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful #2

Wow. Is it Wednesday already? That's a reason in itself to be cheerful. But not one of today's official reasons. Linking up again with Planet Penny's excellent cheerfulness party, I give you this week's dose of Micawber merriness.

1. Winter curtains. Several years ago I realized that our everyday muslin curtains, while letting in a lot of light, and providing an admirably neutral background for the riot of quilts on the walls, did not help to warm the frosty nights, nor did they add any cosiness to our drafty apartment when once the mercury dropped.

Summer curtains

So I made a set of red curtains for winter, and every November I put them up. The winter curtains are warm and bright and extremely cosy-looking by lamplight. Plus they make a great backdrop for Christmas decorations. They make me feel cheerful!

It's curtains for you, winter!

2. A woodworking husband. Looking at my living room photos makes me realize how much of his handiwork surrounds us. Mr. M designed and built all our bookshelves. He made the little wooden footstool (which, alas! is covered with magazines and yarn, leaving no room for feet), and the table top for the treadle machine (also covered with yarn, I'm afraid). He framed most of our pictures. He built the little bistro table we keep in the porch, and which provides the backdrop to many of my photos. He made this stunning cutting board 25 years ago:

As you can see, it still gets regular use. Look at those joints! (They're holding up better than mine.)

I'm so grateful for his talented craftiness.

3. The scent of those organic Gala apples sitting on the cutting board above. I opened a bag of them yesterday, and the golden-tinged, apple-cheeked, freckle-faced beauties smelled just like roses. Mmmmm.

Here's wishing you an upbeat end-of-week. To find more Reasons to be Cheerful, head on over to Planet Penny. And while you're there, if the blithe spirit so moves you, share some cheerfulness of your own.

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  1. Lovely room. Red curtains look cozy. I want to sit in the glider and chat over tea!!!

  2. The curtains are a great idea! I don't have any curtains on the first floor but have been thinking about figuring out something that would better insulate us without changing the look of the rooms too much. But I love the change yours make, so maybe I should rethink.

    And you are a lucky woman to have such a talented husband!

  3. I love your apartment! And such a good idea about the curtains. It's something I've been meaning to do for ages, ever since we got glazed doors at each end of our living room. It's lovely a light and bright in the summer months with light white linen curtains but a bit glacial once the temperate drops.
    And a talented husband too, what a treasure!
    Thanks for joining in again and lifting our spirits! xxx

  4. What lovely reasons to be cheerful :D That cutting board is gorgeous, what a clever man your husband is. And how nice to live with furniture made by him too.

  5. Reasons to be cheerful indeed. I love wood and it is clear that your husband does too.

  6. So nice to see inside Micawber Towers, would like to see more (I'm just one of those people who love to see inside other people's houses - ie real homes not those sterile, perfected efforts you get in interiors magazines)
    My husband briefly attempted woodwork as a hobby, sadly it didn't last long.

  7. What a lovely home you have, Sue. It is indeed cozy (cosy in English or koselig in Norsk.) The red is so nice for winter.

    A woodworking hubby with his crafting (or is it crafty?) lady - what a great combination. :-)

  8. Your red curtains are just perfect for winter, they instantly make it cosy don't they! They would definitely make me cheery too!

    Your hubby is a clever fellow, that chopping board is just beautiful! My dad since retiring from farming has taken up woodworking, he has made us a couple of beautiful things including two lovely blanket boxes in oak from our family farm..... I love them sooo much!

    Lovely cheery things!

  9. I love the idea of jolly winter curtains! And the reasons to be cheerful too - not always easy is it?

    Pomona x

  10. Gala red curtains! Hooray for the warmth and cheer they send, and what a cozy, comforting room.
    You are very fortunate to have such a talented and productive husband.

  11. The red curtains certainly do cheer up the room! Well done!

  12. I knew Mr. M was very interested in and knowledgeable about bikes, but I had no clue about the woodworking. And I love your red curtains. I should post a photo of the ones I made one year when the kids were still small. Yes, that's a huge hint. :)


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