Friday, November 18, 2011

A Thanksgiveaway

11/29/11 - Entries for the Thanksgiveaway are now closed. Congratulations to the lucky winner - Stephanie at Millefeuilles. Thanks so much to all who participated in my first giveaway.

Blogland is such a generous place, with lovely gifts constantly flying from bloggers to readers around the globe, often in celebration of special occasions or blogging milestones.

Today I would like to celebrate both. The special occasion is Thanksgiving Day, which falls next Thursday here in the US. And the blogging milestone? Sometime during this last month, Mr. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness passed the hundred-follower mark, and pageviews topped 100,000! (Much as I would like to attribute this to my sparkling prose, honesty compels me to add that most of the traffic is for the free crochet patterns.)

I'm so grateful to all of you who read this blog and take the time to comment. And so, in a spirit of thanksgiving, I would like to offer something in return. First up, we have Jane Austen Knits, a lovely publication from Interweave Press:

Full of beautiful patterns and thoughtful articles, well written by fiber-loving Janeites, it's a treat for the eye and the mind. I know that many of you are talented knitters, and I'm so excited to have this to give you. Here are a few glimpses inside:

(For a further peek at this publication, click here.)

And to sweeten the deal:

(Somehow Hazelnut and Currant seem very appropriate flavours for Miss Austen's time.)

Also included will be a handmade Christmas tree ornament and a small mystery gift.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below which answers the following question: At your next ball, given your choice of partners, which of Miss Austen's gentlemen characters would you most like to dance or sit out with? (My choice would be Henry Tilney. I've always liked his rather tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.) If you've never read Miss Austen's work, you may choose an actor from one of the movie adaptations. (If you haven't read the books OR seen any of the movie adaptations, just come right out and say so. Honesty is the best policy and you'll still be entered for the giveaway.)

This giveaway is international - I will HAPPILY ship the prize anywhere in the world, so please don't be shy about entering. Entries will close at midnight (Wisconsin time), Monday, November 28th. A winner's name will be drawn and announced on Tuesday the 29th.

Good luck and thank you for entering!

What would Jane eat?

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  1. Dare I admit that I have never read any of her work or seen any of the films? It is true, need I apologise?

    A very generous give-away Mrs. M.

  2. I too have not read or seen any of the films of Jane Austen. The scarf on the cover of the magazine is just beautiful as are all of your designs too!! Just beautiful!

  3. I've read all of her books many times and seen the movies. Can't knit, wish they were crochet.

  4. I've not read or seen the movies, but I love to knit!!
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  5. You have made my Friday night! What an amazing gift you are offering us all in this giveaway.

    I have only been blogging since June but your blog caught my eye and, dare I say, heart right from the start. I congratulate you on your success and look forward to sharing the blogging road with you in the future.

    And the answer to your (clever) question is...Fitzwilliam Darcy (of course)!

    Thank you so much.... there will be many people jostling at your blog pearly gates.

  6. Congratulations! That's quite an impressive blogging accomplishment.

  7. Congratulations to you (and to me for finding you)and must I choose? I agree about Tilney's humor.
    Have a splendid weekend.

  8. Not in it for the prize; just here to congratulate you on amazing milestones! Gosh, do you know how long it took me to get 100 followers?!?!? Poetry sells. :)

    Oh, and just for the record, I'd dance with The Lizard. :D

  9. Thank you for the nice giveaway. I'd thoroughly enjoy a dance with the playful, flirtatious Frank Churchill. But my heart would be safe from him. I'd love a conversation with Edward Ferrars. I have already succumbed to his charms. Of course, it may be Dan Stevens from the Masterpiece production that has actually charmed me.

  10. I'm not in for the prize, I'm too far away considering the postal fee. Thank you anyway!

    Congratulations on your followers. Wow more than 100. It's a dream number.

    I would like to dance with Mr. Darcy. :-)

    Regula with 4 followers. :-)

  11. Love your website - not surprised you have so many page views. Please enter me, it would have to be Mr Darcy ... haven't read the book. I have also blogged about you on my website and Facebook.

  12. I'd love to dance with Mr.... uhmmmm, I've drawn a complete blank as to his name, but I'm sure you know the gentleman of whom I speak, he's a great friend of Emma and her father.

  13. Can I have two partners please? Because my first choice, Captain Harvel, was injured in the war poor man, and might not manage a full cotillion, at which point the lovely Colonel Brandon can step in and whisk me on :D

    This is a wonderful giveaway. And huge congratulations on your milestones. I recently celebrated hitting 50 followers only to discover that I have many more than I thought, following via Bloglines and such, and I'd say it's a fair bet you're the same.

    Sue I hesitate to mention it in case you've chosen the 'bin it' option, but have a quick look at my latest knitsofacto post if you haven't already x

  14. Mr. Knightly !
    the magazine & chocolate look divine :)
    (I enjoy both knitting & eating chocolate)

  15. Hi, Sue - don't enter me, as I don't knit, but congrats on the followers!

  16. Colin Firth (Mr Darcy) please!!!!! I have been a little shy behind the scenes reader, but popping my head up to say hello. Would love to be entered into your draw.
    x Sandi

  17. Have just popped in via Annie's Knitso Facto. What a conundrum you pose. My immediate thought was that the older man might be the best choice - Mr Knightly, or Captain Wentworth, the latter influenced by Ciaran Hinds' portrayal no doubt. But then I thought if it was only for a dance a younger man might be in order for a quick spin - that cad Wickham.

  18. Jane Austen and green & black's chocolate, we are very spoiled :) Thanks.
    Mr Darcy or Captain Frederick Wenworth of course

  19. Oh, Colonel Brandon of course! Such a lovely man. And if he was otherwise engaged, Captain Wentworth. I seem to have an affinity for long suffering men!

    Lovely shawl btw.


  20. I have long been madly in love with Mr. Darcy, but I fear a first meeting wouldn't go well. I'd feel safer dancing with Mr. Knightly.

  21. What a gorgeous cover ~ the scarf is so beautiful. Sadly, I haven't watched any of the films or read any of the books ... but I do knit :-)

  22. I love Jane Austen, and if I was given the chance I'd dance with Mr Bennett and tell him to sort his family out! Congratulations on your 100,000! I'm looking forward to getting there eventually, (60,000 and counting)
    love Penny xxx

  23. Colonel Brandon - but only if he was played by Alan Rickman (I just love his voice!!)

  24. We've nicknamed our son Mr Darcy because of his habit of standing around looking aloof at parties (he's shy) so I couldn't choose Mr Darcy or I'd be obliged to mother him and protect him from scarey people like Mrs Bennett and Miss Bingley. So I think I'd choose Colonel Brandon, he seems like a nice patient bloke.

  25. Living only a stone's throw from Pemberley (Chatsworth House in Derbyshire) as a proud, headstrong, possibly arrogant Aries woman, I would willingly crawl there for the chance to dance with Fitzwilliam Darcy, and together have the opportunity to humble ourselves to reveal our true natures and make the world a better place.
    And, as a mad-keen knitter, with the help of the book, he would also have the best dancing stockings in the county!


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