Monday, May 16, 2011

A Leafy Necklace for Judy

This is the last of my friend Judy's spring jewelry commissions (she buys the beads and I make the jewelry - click here to read a short history of our partnership and see one of our other projects):  a leafy, somewhat Christmas-y set of red coral and a green stone I can't identify at the moment.

A simple lariat necklace:

And some fun cluster-y earrings. (The coral beads dangle when the earrings are worn.)

Isn't it nice to be satisfied with a finished project?  Often I only see the flaws.  But I'm really happy with the way this set came out.  It went together pretty quickly and feels just right.  I hope Judy will like it as well.

P.S.  Mr. M delivered the set today.  Judy called me tonight and said she absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to wear it tomorrow.  I'm so glad.  And the leaf beads are Russian jade.  (Judy has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of stones, and a fantastic memory - these leaves were sitting at my house for over a year, and were not labelled even when she got them.  Hope I'm as sharp as she is when I'm in my eighties.)

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  1. Great colors. I was going to ask if you made the leaf beads until I read your linked post. Now I understand a little better. :)

    These do indeed look very Christmasy. They look almost like holly leaves and berries!

  2. Thanks Snowcatcher - this is what comes of writing posts at night when I should be sleeping. I added a bit of clarification to this one, as well as a more obvious link.

    Judy has a great eye for colour. Sometimes she picks out combinations I don't think will work, and then they turn out great. This one was a winner from the start.


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