Thursday, May 12, 2011

Simple Pleaures: Breakfast on the Porch

At last, at last, it's warm enough to eat breakfast on the porch.  It's not a big porch nor a fancy one, more of a walled-in entry, but it has windows on three sides and room for a plant stand, a bench, and a little table built by Mr. M.

From the windows I can see the street, the house next door, the lawn dotted with violets and dandelions.  The lilac bush on the property line is covered with dusky purple buds.  Sometimes a bunny or two comes hopping through the yard, and squirrels chase each other across the gravel.  Chirping birds offer background music.

And I can look up through the branches of an ash tree in the driveway:

And admire the young green of the leaves against a pale spring sky.

Who says blue and green don't go together?

P.S.  I know this is lawn heresy, but I kind of like dandelions.  They're so cheerful and indestructible.  After a long winter of grey and brown and white, all flowers look good to me.

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  1. I like your dandelion thoughts! I saw a field near Telluride once completely covered with dandelions, and it looked like a yellow brick road to the beautiful San Juans!

    We might warm back up enough to enjoy the patio this weekend. Unless I put the tomatoes and chili peppers back out. Then it will snow again.

  2. Oh dear. You sound just like we do (about the snow). Is it superstition, or fear, or irony? Not sure. We've shifted into some muggy summer-like weather here and I'm loving it, humidity and all.


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