Sunday, May 15, 2011

Three Great Things About Today's Ride...and Some Pictures

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Rosy dawn of blossom on an old apple tree
Dancing giddy sweetness of flowering wild plum
Turning out of wind and into sudden warmth

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A typical view, taken on the fly.Young leaves are coming out
on all the trees.

Self-portrait!  A nice sunny day - good for shadows.

I love the great open sweep of sky.  A tornado passed through here a few
years back.  You can still see some broken-off trees in the middle distance.

A favourite spot. Actually got off the bike to take this shot.
See how windy it was?

Wild plum is blossoming everywhere.The scent is dizzyingly sweet.

P.S.  Andamento, have you ever been to Snowcatcher's blog?  She's a crocheting-cycling-quilting photographer who's lucky enough to live in the extremely picturesque shadow of the Rockies.  Snowcatcher, meet Andamento, a crocheting-cycling-leaded glass making photographer who's lucky enough to live in Scotland.

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  1. Hi - regarding all my crochet flowers, I can't put it on the blog yet, but I made my mom a beautiful crochet bouquet. It turned out so much better than I had hoped and she should get it today or tomorrow. After that, I will share more on my blog and by Friday (I think it is), I will have the full reveal on the blog. Hope she loves it!

  2. Ever since you first found my blog, every time I ride now, I think of your Three Great Things about Today's Ride or Six Great Things about Today's Ride or Seven Great Things about Today's Ride... And I find myself counting when I ride! So three great (?) things about yesterday's ride (because I didn't take the camera): A hawk soaring overhead with something with tiny feet dangling from the beak; a great blue heron perched atop the tallest rock in the river; drizzle instead of snow. :)

    Thanks for the introduction! I love her ride pictures and yours! I'll have to take my camera again next ride...

  3. Hi there, thanks for the intro, I knew there must be more crafty cycling bloggers out there but hadn't found any, till now!
    I enjoyed seeing your photos, I just like to see around other people's local areas.

  4. I took the camera for just that reason, Andamento. But I worry so much about dropping it that I can't really take good pictures and have a good ride at the same time. So these will probably be the last photos for a while. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have helmet cams?
    Snowcatcher - I hope that's a good thing you've picked up from me. I really just do it as a way to pass the time while riding and to try to appreciate all the beautiful things I see out there. The interesting thing is, when I go back and read the ones I came up with last year or the year before, I can remember exactly where I was at that point and see in my mind's eye the sight that prompted the line. So in some way it must help the memories to stick.
    I can just see your hawk and your heron.

  5. Cheri - look forward to seeing that bouquet! (I seem to be answering comments in reverse order today.) You are progressing so fast for a new crocheter. It took me years to get to anything as complicated as your flowers. :)


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