Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple Pleasures: New Handlebar Tape

Iris (my vintage Cannondale road bike) doesn't get new accessories very often. Use it up and wear it out is my motto.  I've been wanting some purple handlebar tape for years, but the old black cork was holding up fine and I couldn't justify replacing it.

Before - not pretty, but still functional

Along came a Saturday trip to Madison where we found ourselves (surprise surprise) at the bike shop.  (Mr. M is not currently riding, but he still likes to look.) While he looked in disbelief at a $10,000 bike (some carbon fiber creation - must have been gold-plated at that price), I was drooling over the rainbow selection of handlebar tape. As it happened, I had a little extra cash, Mr. M urged me on, and I just couldn't resist.  I bought it.

Buying new bike accessories is (for me) kind of like buying office supplies. It's oddly fun. When we got home, I had to play with my new purchase and pose it with a wall quilt. It actually goes pretty well.

Hmm...a cycling quilt with handlebar tape binding?

Mr. M kindly applied the tape for me right away, knowing that I planned a ride the next day.  (And cleaned the chain and wiped down the frame and overhauled the elderly brakes.  What a sweetheart.)

Suddenly Iris had a whole new look.  Clean and minimalistic, just the way I like:

After: a true 80s bike, right down to the purple and green colour scheme

She passed the road test with flying colours.

AND the new tape exactly  matches my helmet.  :)

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  1. Matches your helmet... too funny! I thought I was the only one with such fashion sense! Glad to find I have a sister in crime!

    I dig the colors of the updated bike, as well as the quilt. Maybe we have to be children of the 70s to appreciate the violet/green combos!!!

  2. Could be. (My bedroom also sports that colour scheme. Mr. M has never complained yet about the purple curtains and the purple duvet cover and the black/teal/purple/fuschia wall quilt above the bed. Even after 7 years of it.)

  3. I really want handlebar tape that color, but can't find it anywhere!! I also have a vintage cannondale. :-(

    1. I got mine at Machinery Row Bikes in Madison. You can find it online here:

      And here's a very similar shade:

      Good luck and thanks for commenting! :)


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