Monday, May 23, 2011

Lilac Time

This is the height of spring for me - the precious week or two when the lilacs are in bloom. Bushes everywhere are covered in a glory of purple, lavender, pink, white and burgundy blossom. The air is dizzy with their scent.

I pick just one or two bouquets each year (they don't last long inside). I offered today's bouquet to Mr. M to sniff. He closed his eyes, inhaled, and said, "Wow. Whoever designed that knew what He was doing."

Although I complain about Wisconsin winters, I'm so glad to live in a place where lilacs and violets come with the spring.

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  1. I love lilacs, though I don't have any in my yard. I don't even know what the real deal smells like.
    But it is beautiful.

    Lovely pictures.

  2. Thanks. It's hard to do justice to these gorgeous things in a photo.

  3. I think you did a lovely job with the photos. I have one that came with the house, and it's on the wrong side of the house to thrive. Doesn't get enough sun. But a few blocks away is a whole row of them I love cycling by when they bloom! Talk about intoxicating!!


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